The Tripleseat Releases and New Partners You Should be Using in 2023


As your hospitality business gets ready to take on the new year, are you looking for software and solutions that will provide even more ways to streamline events, bookings, and catering management?

Tripleseat released new feature updates and launched a number of new partnerships in 2022 that will help you collect leads, drive direct bookings, make payments easier, organize your calendar, increase your marketing traffic, and much more. Read on for a deeper look at our releases and partnerships from the last 12 months.

Increase your direct bookings and off-premise catering business

Events are back in full force, but restaurants still need unique ways to make sure they are meeting their customers where they are. If your business can support different channels, such as off-premise catering, look no further than Tripleseat+ Direct for your direct booking
and off-premise catering solution. Tripleseat+ Direct allows customers to book their date and time and customize their menu, decreasing the back and forth with event managers and leaving time to personalize the guest experience.

If you are hesitant to sign up because you lack the staff to complete catering deliveries, Tripleseat+ Direct has partnered with DoorDash Drive to get your orders directly to your guest’s doorstep. Increase your catering business without increasing your workload. Curious to learn more? Check out to find out how Maggiano’s uses Tripleseat+ Direct to manage and grow its enormous event and catering business.

Finalize event charges in real-time

If there is one release you need to know about this year, QR codes is it. Imagine it is the end of a huge corporate dinner, and they have tallied up quite a few beverages that need to be added to the final bill. We all know what a hectic process it can be to add on-consumption items and ensure there are no discrepancies on the final bill. Tripleseat has a solution that will simplify that process for you.

We are excited to announce the release of QR codes to allow you to finalize event charges in real time on the floor. QR codes provide you with an easy and efficient way to add and review final charges in front of your guests, updating all documents in real time. You can quickly collect online payments in just a few clicks without ever leaving the guests’ side. Contact your account manager to enable QR codes today.

Optimize your marketing strategy

Struggling to keep up with your social media accounts or getting tired of coming up with witty posts for your Instagram or Facebook pages? Look no further — Tripleseat has partnered with Targetable to take care of your digital marketing for you.

Targetable’s menu of products can help increase your social presence and allow you to acquire new customers and new orders through a variety of channels. Depending on your needs, Targetable can do it all for you or tailor the approach to fit your business. Targetable’s digital marketing platform will help keep your venue looking fresh and relevant while you take care of keeping your customers happy. Learn more by visiting

Keep your event managers and front-of-house in sync

Earlier this year, Tripleseat announced an integration with OpenTable guest center that has made it possible for your restaurant to see Tripleseat event details in OpenTable alongside your regular reservations.

With this integration, you can match your tables in minutes and make changes as you go. Now your communication between event managers and front-of-house staff is totally streamlined to prevent double bookings. Visit to learn more and set up this integration today to keep events running smoothly, keep your team in the know, and book and host events more efficiently.

Collect payments at your convenience

Tripleseat increased its partnership with payment processors this year by integrating with another industry leader — Square — to power event commerce even more. Our partnerships allow event managers to collect deposits and payments online so that event managers can focus on the booked experience. Sync to Square in minutes with just a few clicks and take payments anywhere. Tripleseat integrates seamlessly with Square to reduce the headache of old-school payments and grow your business efficiently.

Tripleseat also partners with other leading partners, Clover Connect and Stripe, since there is no one-size-fits-all solution for anyone. Integrate with one of our partners today to increase efficiency for event managers and improve the customer experience. Check out for more details on each of our payment partners and integrations.