The Top 10 Tripleseat Blog Posts for Event Professionals in 2018


We’ve covered a lot of territory on the Tripleseat blog during the last 12 months, from product releases to industry tips and trends to marketing best practices. But what did our readers actually click on in their search for information to help improve their events business?

Here’s our list of the top 10 blog posts from 2018 that got the most traffic:

1. Just Released: Business Intelligence Features for Event Sales and Leads
Our new business intelligence features were very popular this year! Customers clicked to this post like crazy to find out more about these updates, which included:

  • The ability to track sales goals by week, quarter, or fiscal period
  • Access to Tripleseat Business Intelligence dashboards
  • New reports — events by status, revenue by status, event funnel revenue, and leads by source 

2. 13 Tripleseat Updates We Know You’ll Love
This list of 13 new features — along with video tutorials — was a big hit with customers. 

3. The Bartender’s Guide to Batching
Our tips on batching best practices was a huge help to customers and bartenders. We hope it helped you save some time during your busy events seasons! 

4. The Rise of the Popup Event: An Interview With the Founder of East Boston Oysters
Alexis Cervasio and her popup, East Boston Oysters, got a lot of attention in 2018! Not only was Cervasio featured on our blog, but she was also a speaker at our annual EventCamp conference.

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5. 8 Ideas to Get More Leads for Your Venue in 2018
Our timeless tips on how to use Tripleseat features and marketing tools to increase revenue were very helpful to our readers and customers in 2018. You can also use them in 2019!  

6. 10 Answers to Your Questions on Tripleseat for Hotels
Tripleseat launched new features for hotels that have group meetings and events this year, and this post is a great resource for hotels looking to make the switch to the best event management software in the industry!

7. How to Elevate Your Restaurant’s Brand Online
Marketing comes up time and time again in conversations with customers as something they need help with in order to reach new and repeat customers. This post shares tips from New York City restaurants and industry professionals on how to achieve online marketing success.

8. Why the Hotel Industry Should Be on the Lookout for Generation Z
Generation Z has disposable income and they want to spend it on experiences, including travel and hospitality. We offered suggestions for hotels on how to capture this market.

9. Beyond Basics: Online Payments
Our customers want to know everything they can about using online payments for their events business. This post and embedded webinar share the best practices and Tripleseat features you need to streamline the online payment process.

10. Beyond Basics: Using Tripleseat to Generate Leads on Social Media
Using social media marketing and Tripleseat features together is a great way to find and capture more leads. Our blog post and embedded webinar give customers a solid strategy 
to attract more leads online.

Did you miss any of these top 10 posts?
There’s plenty of time to get caught up on these posts and use the information to get your events business ready for 2019. Don’t forget to log in and get familiar with all of the new features released in 2018. If you’re not yet a Tripleseat customer, try us out! Schedule a demo at your convenience to take a closer look.

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