The Only QR Code An Event Manager Needs

The Only QR Code An Event Manager Needs (1)

We know, we know, you’re sick of scanning a QR code at a restaurant and zooming in only to struggle to see what’s on the menu on a tiny pdf that isn’t even formatted for mobile. Guess what, we’re over that poor experience too! The great news is, in the events world, there is a QR code for you that actually makes your life easier and will help you efficiently capture final event charges in a flash. Not only that, we’ve made the experience smooth and enjoyable for both staff and customers.  

Tripleseat is always looking for ways to improve the way you collect payments at events and increase revenue opportunities. We are also working to enhance the event experience for event managers and customers alike! This is how QR codes on Tripleseat event documents came to be. Now you can easily enable a unique QR code to populate on documents for each of your events. At the close of an event, simply present the BEO or relevant document with the QR code present, and you’ll be collecting the final payment in no time.

This QR code can be used by the Tripleseat user, a server, or an event manager to add additional or ‘on consumption’ items to a bill at the conclusion of an event. Additionally, that same QR code can then be presented to and scanned by the guest to navigate directly to their guest portal for payment on a mobile device and zero out their balance. 

Why should I enable QR codes?

If you aren’t using QR codes yet, here are just a few reasons why you should get started today. The great thing is that QR codes are free to use, there aren’t any additional fees, and you can bypass any other fees set by different platforms by adding the final event charges directly to your event. Tripleseat will always remain transparent about costs, and there will never be any mystery fees attached to our included features. 

By enabling QR codes, you can simplify event close, allowing you to add and review final charges, make updates to the final bill in real-time, and reduce future billing discrepancies. This new functionality, powered by credit card integrations, allows you to collect payments easily and securely. You can process payments faster using a card on file or accept a new card digitally, all while maintaining PCI compliance.

Who will benefit from this?

Event managers, servers, and venue staff that struggle to collect payment after an event will be thrilled to use this feature to expedite payment collection in person. It’s also very helpful for capturing those last-minute items right from the BEO, so you have a clear picture of any beverages or food items added during the event. Customers too will love how easy it is to view and pay for event charges!

Getting started with QR codes

In order to use the QR Code function, your venue must have at least one payment integration enabled, or the option to set it up will be greyed out in the settings. Learn more about our payment partners. For any setup questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a Tripleseat account manager. Enable QR codes and start recognizing event revenue faster today.

Check out this video to learn more about using QR codes.

Are you a venue looking to make events easier?

Close event checks quicker with Tripleseat. We integrate with leading online payment solutions to collect, manage, and report on all event transactions safely and accurately. Learn more about payment options on our website.