Table-loids: Stopping Food Waste One App at a Time, the Power of Green, and More Industry News You Should Know


Is it spring yet? If you live anywhere where winter is cold, dark and dreary, January and February can feel like an eternity. But that shouldn’t stop you from trying to keep up with the trends to enhance your venue’s look, presence, and popularity. Actually, it’s the perfect time to work on these things. This week’s Table-loids gives you a few trendy ideas to start with that will help you improve your already booming business.

1. A modern way to stop waste
Sustainability has been a popular topic in the restaurant industry for quite a while now. It’s a topic that continues to gain speed and field new ideas. One of the newest and most advanced ideas has come from a Boston-based app creator, David Rodríguez. According to NBC News online, David has built an app that allows consumers to purchase leftover food from restaurants at an extremely discounted price. The idea is that tons of local restaurants throw out perfectly good food at the end of every evening when it doesn’t sell. So, instead of wasting the food, they can now allow people to purchase it at the end of the night at a high discount. So far, the response has been great with more than 200 local restaurants participating. The app, Food For All, is currently available for Android and iPhone.

2. Are you Instagramming properly?
It’s no secret that the influence of Instagram is palpable in nearly every industry including, of course, hospitality. My Instagram feed is inundated every day with photos of food, cocktails, people enjoying food and cocktails, chefs cooking food, bartenders mixing cocktails, etc. If you aren’t already using Instagram to boost sales at your venue, what in the world are you waiting for? And if you do use it already, chances are you’ve caught yourself wondering if you’re using it correctly. NextRestaurants posted a great article outlining four ways to drive traffic to your venue and your venue’s website through Instagram. Among other things, the article talks about the importance of your bio link and why you should consider embracing user-generated-content. It’s a quick read and definitely worth your time — especially if you don’t think you’re using your Instagram account to its greatest capacity.

3. Forget the pig, 2019 is the year of takeout and delivery
You’re probably sick of hearing about it, but that doesn’t mean it’s going away. In my opinion, the buzz behind takeout and delivery options has been the biggest growing trend in the restaurant industry so far this year. The stats, and therefore the proof, is there. Takeout and delivery services are an extremely profitable outlet, and it’s something that restaurants of all types can and should embrace. If you’re still having doubts, believe me, I understand. There are a lot of concerns that go along with implementing a takeout program and I think the most viable is “Will it adversely affect the quality of our product and the quality of service we give our dine in and private event customers?” If you’re still not sure about incorporating a take-out option into your venue’s daily service, check out this article from Modern Restaurant Management online, Four Ways to Capitalize on Online Orders Without Compromising Your Dine-In Experience.  And if you’re still a pessimist when it comes to the stats then check out this piece by Nation’s Restaurant News Online. Believe me, 2019 is the year of takeout. Get on the bus or fall behind in the industry.

4. The power of green
I bet you suspected from the title of this one that I was referring to money. Well, guess again friends. I’m actually referring to the color green, emerald green to be exact. According to Eater, emerald green is 2019’s “it” color when it comes to restaurants. Tripleseat customer and popular NYC eatery, Legacy Records, is mentioned in Eater’s recent restaurant design feature for its stunning emerald green ceiling beams and green upholstered seating. Why green you may ask? Eater believes it’s because restaurant owners love plants, but plants die, so why not fill your restaurant with the magic of green in another way? I personally love this trend. Emerald green is my favorite color and I know I’m not alone. So jump on the emerald bandwagon and leave your competitors green with envy.

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