Table-loids: Networking for #EventProfs, Respecting Your Staff (and Yourself), and More Industry News You Should Know


This week I’ve offered up a little bit of everything: A few tips on how to strengthen your reach in the events industry. An ode to know and respect your worth, while also respecting the worth of your colleagues. A quick applause to women who make it easier for us all to work in this demanding industry. And, last but certainly not least, a few suggestions on how to rake in the dough this St. Patrick’s Day. Enjoy!

1. Network
You’ve done it, you’ve succeeded at building a career as an events professional. You love your job and all of the exciting and often stressful idiosyncrasies that go along with it. But the obligation doesn’t stop there. A successful path as an events professional takes continued work and dedication and networking is an important piece of that puzzle. Luckily the event-savvy people at Eventbrite have given us a quick guide to networking at every stage of your events career. They’ve provided tips like where to begin if you don’t have much tenure under your belt or how to continue if you’ve been an event professional for what seems like forever. It’s important to garner and nourish relationships with clients, vendors, and of course, your competition at every stage in the game. Whether your goal is to break into the playing field or to enhance your already established network, they’ve got some great suggestions for you. And — we can’t talk about networking without mentioning that our annual EventCamp on April 30 in Nashville, TN, is a great way to make connections with event professionals from across the country. You can more details and register on the EventCamp website.

2. Know your worth
I’ll never forget the Christmas Eve about 15 years ago when one of my relatives innocently asked why my date and I were late for dinner. I responded with something along the lines of, “I had two private events this afternoon that I had to make sure were taken care of and one of my daytime servers called in.” His response, which I remember clear as day was, “I thought you were just a bartender?” JUST a bartender? What does that even mean? Truthfully I was the Director of Private Events, and would also moonlight as a bartender, but either way, that wasn’t the point. I didn’t see any difference between these two jobs. We both had to show up for work, work hard, take care of our guests, and hopefully leave a few dollars richer. I realize my relative didn’t mean any harm by the comment. He had never worked in the hospitality industry. He didn’t know the work you had to put in to make it in the industry I loved so much, whether you were working as a hostess, chef, or general manager. It’s work I always took pride in and work I’m pretty positive he wasn’t cut out to do. But this is a rising issue in the service industry. As the Rail put it this week, society doesn’t respect the restaurant industry, and in a lot of cases, it’s the restaurant industry’s fault. This very accurate article talks about the importance of treating our staff as professionals and also acting like professionals ourselves. I highly recommend checking it out. It’s a quick but well-founded read.

3. One more shoutout for women 
I am completely aware that last Friday was International Women’s Day, but I’m going to keep the celebration going for a bit longer with this inspiring piece from Food Newsfeed, 5 Ways Women are Changing the Restaurant Industry. According to the article, women are amazing at building spaces where everyone is welcome and where competition often grows into budding friendships. One example of this is the newly founded Women in Hospitality United, that focuses on providing all kinds of support for women at every stage in their hospitality careers. Check out the full article and click through each example to read more about the female players who are pushing and headlining the charge.

4. Ireland’s favorite color is also the color of MONEY
I’d be crazy not to mention this hospitality gold mine of a celebration happening this weekend. You know, the one that centers around drinking and partying with friends while wearing green? That’s right folks, St. Patrick’s Day is this Sunday! For service industry workers across the globe, this is a huge opportunity to make some serious dough. I can’t tell you how much I miss working as a bartender on St. Patrick’s Day in Boston. My shift began at 8 am and ended around 2 am when I ventured home a little drunk, a lot tired, and a whole lot richer. If you don’t operate an Irish pub or even work in a city that takes St. Patrick’s day seriously, don’t fret. There are ways to make lots of money on this crazy day no matter what your circumstances are. And don’t forget that it falls on a Sunday this year — which is a huge plus when it comes to getting patrons through the door. Total Food Service has provided us with a list of promotional ideas to grab the attention of every type of Irish enthusiast, including the ever-popular green beer promotion, along with every Irish mom’s favorite, boiled dinner specials. 

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