Social Hour: Tips for Leveraging Your Hospitality Network During This Time


The hospitality industry needs to come together now, more than ever.

With the coronavirus pandemic closing or reducing services at many restaurants across the country and the world, it’s an uncertain time for the industry. Event professionals are relying on each other for help with generating revenue, their careers, and the future of the industry.

That’s why we created our new Social Hour series. It’s a weekly virtual roundtable for event professionals to meet and discuss the biggest issues their industry is facing right now. Watch a recording of our first roundtable below, Tips for Leveraging Your Hospitality Network During This Time. Grab a happy hour beverage and check out our conversation about the best tips on connecting with peers for career help and advice during this difficult time, and other issues event professionals are facing right now.


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Social Hour will be held every Thursday afternoon, and our topic for Thursday, April 16 will be Things Event Planners Should Do to Prepare Business Post-Coronavirus. Look for the registration link on Tripleseat’s events calendar.

Tripleseat is continuing to provide tips for the hospitality industry on our blog. We also have a weekly webinar, Adapting Your Business to Change, which includes ideas on how to grow revenue during this uncertain time and Tripleseat tools you can use to stay ahead of the game. And join our Facebook group, Event Manager Community, to connect with peers and discuss the impact of the coronavirus on the events industry.