Social Hour: Reopening Updates and What’s Next


The states that have begun phases of reopening after being in coronavirus lockdown have a huge task ahead of them. Businesses and employees in these areas are balancing city, state, and federal guidelines and recommendations, and creating the rules for a new normal.

During this week’s Social Hour virtual roundtable, we heard from event professionals in Tennessee, Texas, and Georgia, which have recently reopened restaurants for dining, about how they are adapting their venues to post-pandemic standards. Employees are following all safety guidelines — including wearing disposable gloves and masks, as well as getting their temperature taken — and most customers are wearing masks. Delivery and pickup are still going strong at several venues in reopened states and clients have been inquiring about new events or rescheduling postponed events.

Of our Social Hour attendees, 16 percent their venue has already opened but 52 percent don’t have an opening date yet.

Event professionals also told us that their venues will be accepting group dining sooner rather than later, with 48 percent estimating a return in groups for June and July, and 33 percent planning for August and September.

We were also happy to see that a majority of the venues represented will be planning events through 2020. 76 percent said they are still receiving leads and requests to hold events.

Most of these upcoming events will either be social events or a mix of social and corporate bookings.


You can view the recording of our discussion below:

More resources for event professionals

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