Saying "No" is Hard, but saying "Yes" is Even Harder




At Tripleseat we receive a lot of requests for the product. A bunch of the request are great and some are on the fringes. When we receive a request, we look at it very carefully and try to figure out where the value for the user is. Most of the time the end result is a “No”. And that is a bummer.

The reason we turn down a lot of requests is because it does not fit into the core principal of Tripleseat which is “less is more.” Simply put, we do not want to build a camel (a horse designed by a committee) Too many features cause confusion and clutter. It cuts into the flow of how the end user uses the application.  Tripleseat was started because too much existing catering software products were just bloated with useless features that no one ever used. Which in the end is why no one was using any software to manage their Event Business.

One reason we painstakingly take our time in deciding what new features to add to Tripleseat is because once a feature is in the application it is almost impossible to remove it. If we try to remove any feature because it is not the right fit or we just made a mistake on how we developed it there will be one person who will raise the roof. Guaranteed. When we add a feature it is like having a child. We are with each other for life and have to support and love it. No matter how much it disappoints us. I know somewhere there is a Developer wishing they never released a feature.

Now, has development on Tripleseat stopped? Not a chance. We are busy working on what we are calling “Events” (original I know). Currently, a Booking and an Event are the same thing. If a Booking needed more events you would have to create a new Booking. This can be confusing if you have a Booking with multiple events associated with it. An example is a Booking with a cocktail reception, then a dinner, then a dance party. Three events in a Booking. With our new update you will be able to have multiple events under a single Booking. This update is a biggie because it affects every aspect of Tripleseat, how the BEO behaves, the look and the action of the Calendar and of course the ability to add multiple events to a Booking. We are planning to have this update released in Q2 of 2014