A Web Based Sales and Event Management Application is Essential in 2013


In the restaurant industry the use of web based Event Management software is gaining popularity in the industry.  If you have not jumped on to the benefits of Sales and Event Management yet you should know the benefits you stand to gain with the adoption of this technology.

Event Details Management

With Event Management, it is easy to manage all of the details. For example, a good system will help you to handle all the e-mail messages, reminders, food and beverage issues and even special needs of all the  attendees. In fact, Tripleseat includes a customer management web portal where cutomers can review all their detials online. These kinds of details can be very cumbersome to handle manually or with stand-alone software.

Data Management

The amount of data processed in any event is staggering, even for events considered ‘small’ by industry standards. Instead of hiring many people to handle this data, you can use event management software to manage the data. Names of attendees, restaurants, dates, contacts, and time of attendant are just a few of the things you can manage with this software. Moreover, data consolidation is easier with a good system in place.


Managing an event without coordination between different people involved in its organization is almost impossible. If you have to manage one without dedicated software, you will find coordination very difficult. You have to contend with emails or phone calls to synchronize your activities, which is not very efficient. Easy coordination with the customer is necessary, and web CRM software will make that fairly straightforward. Web-based systems can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Payment Processing

Processing payments for events and banquets, is not easy. Whether it is credit card processing or wire transfers, you need to have good and secure software in place to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Some systems will give you the option of customizing payment options. For example, you can have automated discounts for those who register early or base your pricing on type of registration.

As you can see, it is obvious that event management systems are critical for any even, private dining business. Tripleseat will help you to plan the details of your events with minimal resources. It is a good way of dramatically increasing your event management efficiency.