Read Up: 2014 Food Trends


6794834940_6a404ef36d_zWith 2013 almost behind us, let’s take a look at predictions for the year to come–what ingredients, foods, and trends we’ll be talking about in the industry.

CNN’s Eatocracy: Kat Kinsman predicts that we’ll be eating a wider variety of seafood–as in, fish collars and heads, as well as less well-known swimmers–and paying more attention to heirloom beans and higher-end rices.  Sarah LeTrent sees a future with more raw beef, housemade hot sauces, and “eating with your hands.”

National Restaurant Association: The NRA surveyed over 1,000 members of the American Culinary Federation to figure out what trends will reign in 2014. Their conclusions: locally sourced meats, seafood, and produce; gluten-free cuisine, non-wheat noodles and pasta; and items branded by the farm they come from.

Forbes: Carol Tice predicts we’ll see more emphasis on “umami,” the so-called “fifth taste” of savoriness, as well as instant ice cream made from liquid nitrogen.

[Flickr: design-gate]