Q1 2021 Tripleseat Feature Release Roundup and Fireside Chat Video


Since the start of 2021, we’ve released 12 new features! We couldn’t talk about all of them during our Fireside Chat, but we did choose a few highlights to share in more depth with you in this post and, of course, on our recorded Fireside Chat video.

Refund reasons

Let’s kick it off by talking about the refund reason release. Many of our customers had asked for a way to break down refunds to gain insight into how many were COVID-related vs. those that were overpayments or mispayments. So, in January, we released refund reasons.

Reasons can now be set by the user when the refund transaction is processed, and they’ll display within the credit card details module. Because this is a credit card processing release, you must be using one of our credit card processing integrations to access this new feature. Those that have access can also report on their refund reasons on the Events Payment Report tab using a Refund Reasons column.

If you are currently using one of our credit card processing partners, CardConnect or Stripe, you can turn this new feature on by going to Settings > Preferences > Dropdowns.

Auto and manual saved PDFs

The next update I’d like to talk about has been requested by our customers too many times to count, and we were finally able to make it happen – I’m talking about auto and manual saving PDFs.

Now, when a document layout is e-signed, Tripleseat will automatically save the document as a PDF. So our users no longer have to worry about saving the signed document version before making any additional updates to the template. This release not only saves time but also enhances the legality of documents in Tripleseat.

The saved PDFs are conveniently stored right next to the document layout; users will now see a versions button that they can click to see all signed versions of the document, along with the signature’s date. Even if a copy gets deleted for any reason, users can click to see the deleted documents, and all signed versions will be as well.

In addition to autosaving, users can also manually save a version. Let’s say you want to keep a version of a proposal to reference later but continue to update the document template. Now, you can manually save a PDF and even add a reason for saving. All saved versions are kept in the same place to make everything clean and simple for our users.

Check out our Tripleseat University video below for more information on this exciting release!


TripleseatDirect updates

We also made some significant updates to TripleseatDirect in Q1. First, let’s talk about the package feature release.

Packages are a popular way to sell private events and catering, so we wanted to create a simple process for our clients to develop them for their TripleseatDirect menus. With the package release, you can quickly generate package menus for use on your TripleseatDirect form. You can learn more about packages by watching the Tripleseat University video below.

Another update we released was the design of our menus on the TripleseatDirect public form. Guests booking an event using your TripleseatDirect form used to have to tab through all available menus, but we wanted an easier way for your guests to see all available options without adding a ton of clicks. When your guests are scrolling through the menus, they can click on a menu title to jump to a specific one.

And last but certainly not least, when it comes to TripleseatDirect, was our menu item and package report release. This new report allows users to view all menu items and packages for all TripleseatDirect events. 

One great use for this new reporting feature would be to find out what your best-selling items were in the last month for events booked through the TripleseatDirect form. You can customize to sort the report any way you’d like. For example, you can group by the Event Name and sort by the Event Date. 

You can also use these reports to plan for upcoming TripleseatDirect events by pulling the menu items that your guests selected, so you know exactly what the kitchen needs to order for each event. You can break down the custom report to see each item and modifier or choose to see Primary Selections Only, which will show you the packages ordered without listing each item.

If this report is too detailed for your needs, you can scale down the list to see just the total number of each item you need to order for a specific period. When you customize the report, go to the Grouping and Sorting tab and check off Hide Event Details and choose to group by the Menu Item/Package Name. You’ll now have a pared-down list of items that you can export and give to your chef to use as a tool to make their food order.

Below, you can view our Tripleseat University training video for more information on how this feature works.

EventUp Updates

We also added some new features to our EventUp venue listings site. First, we broadened the EventUp marketplace to include venues outside of the United States. EventUp is now available to venues in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. We added foreign currency support, foreign address, phone numbers, and date formatting, along with a 24-hour time display.

Also, we added new venue types, event types, and amenity options to EventUp listing choices. Now, your EventUp venue listing will better align with the options available to you on your VENUES by Tripleseat listing.

Currently, your EventUp listing will automatically update based on changes made to your VENUES listing. If you want to make any changes to any of these selections, you can do so by logging into your Tripleseat account and managing your VENUES listing within Settings.

And we can’t forget that TripleseatDirect is now available on your EventUp listing. This means that in addition to submitting a lead inquiry, prospects can submit a booking for you to accept directly from your venue’s EventUp listing. All the client has to do is click the Book Now button located above the request quote section.

To set up TripleseatDirect in your venue listing, you must already have TripleseatDirect set up in your account, and you must have access to settings. If you haven’t yet set TripleseatDirect up, simply reach out to us via the form on the TripleseatDirect site here.

Once TripleseatDirect is set up, log in to Tripleseat and click on the settings tab on the bottom left, click on Venues By Tripleseat and then click edit next to the venue listing where you want to add the TripleseatDirect form. Scroll down to Miscellaneous Details, and you’ll see a dropdown for TripleseatDirect Form. Select the TripleseatDirect form you wish to link to your listing and click update.

Sneak peek!

As a direct result of the pandemic, we are focused on expanding our catering capabilities. Last year we introduced event styles to the lead form, allowing customers to submit an inquiry and indicate if they are interested in an on-premise event or catering. Coming soon in Q2, we are expanding the event styles to be available on the event level! We will still have an on-premise option in addition to options for full-service catering, pick-up catering, and drop-off catering. You will also be able to filter your calendar to color by these new event styles. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more information on those releases.

Check out our pre-recorded 2021 Q1 Feature Release Fireside Chat below, where we talk about all of these fantastic new features along with a few others. Hope to see you all in June when we talk about more releases coming at you in Q2.