5 Ways To Make Bank On Your Private Dining Business


Holiday parties are either over or are winding down, so I thought it would be a good time to provide you with some booking tips to keep the momentum going. Consider these my not-so-scientific tips on making “bank” with your event business.

E-mail is thy friend

Stay top of mind with your prospects and customers with monthly or bi-monthly emails. Don’t be spammy though, try to add value to the emails. Maybe include trends you are seeing with events that you are booking. Example: Fancy cocktails are all the rage right now. Have your expert bartender make your next event something to remember. Tripleseat now synchs your contacts to Constant Contact, so sending out emails is a snap.

Help your customers help themselves

Has this ever happened to you? Your client is pumped up about their event, telling you that they will have X amount of attendees only to find out the day of the event their numbers are down…really down. That is a forecasting and commission bummer. Help your clients by providing them the tools to manage the event better and drive attendance. It is a win-win for everyone. I recommend suggesting Constant Contact’s Event Manager to your clients. It is inexpensive and gets the job done. Another good service is Punchbowl.


I know you have heard this a thousand times, social media is the king of all marketing but it only works if you make it work. Try adding short funny quips about events you booked. It builds momentum and adds to your brand. Also add the Tripleseat Facebook App to your page so you can capture leads directly from your page.

Have “special occasion” specials on private dining space

The Super Bowl comes to mind. How awesome would a private party be at your restaurant watching the big game on your flat screen TV. Lower the F&B minimum or have the first hour of the bar at 50% off. Another one that comes to mind is Valentines day. Think about a nice big room all to yourself, very romantic.

Do your own private party

Have your own event in your own room. Host a cooking show with your chef, charge for tickets. You will get people in the room to see it (half the battle) and make some money in the process.


Invite 15-20 of your best clients to a thank you dinner with the GM, you, and the Chef. Your clients will love it and tell everyone how awesome it was. Word of Mouth marketing is the best.

If you have any suggestions share with the group. Happy booking!