October 2021 Marketing Ideas for the Hospitality Industry


If you thought that October is all about Halloween, you’d be wrong.

October has dozens of fun food holidays that might make you too stuffed to enjoy Halloween candy by the time we get to the end of the month.

We’ve got sweets.

  • Oct. 1: #NationalPumpkinSpiceDay
  • Oct. 4: #NationalCinnamonRollDay
  • Oct. 7: #NationalChocolateCoveredPretzelDay
  • Oct. 14: #NationalDessertDay
  • Oct. 18: #NationalChocolateCupcakeDay
  • Oct. 20: #NationalOfficeChocolateDay
  • Oct. 21: #NationalPumpkinCheesecakeDay
  • Oct. 28: #NationalChocolateDay
  • Oct. 30: #NationalCandyCornDay
  • Oct. 31: #NationalCaramelAppleDay

There’s salty celebrations.

  • Oct. 3: #NationalSoftTacoDay
  • Oct. 4: #NationalTacoDay
  • Oct. 11: #NationalSausagePizzaDay
  • Oct. 12: #NationalPulledPorkDay
  • Oct. 21: #InternationalDayOfTheNacho
  • Oct. 22: #NationalEatAPretzelDay
  • Oct. 25: #WorldPizzaMakersDay
  • Oct. 26: #NationalPretzelDay

And lots of days to say “cheers!”

  • Oct. 4: #NationalVodkaDay
  • Oct. 9: #InternationalBeerAndPizzaDay
  • Oct. 15: #NationalRedWineDay
  • Oct. 16: #NationalLiqueurDay
  • Oct. 19: #InternationalGinAndTonicDay
  • Oct. 21: #NationalMezcalDay
  • Oct. 27: #NationalAmericanBeerDay

Plus, there’s a day dedicated to event professionals! Oct. 23 is #NationalEventOrganizersDay. According to Days of the Year, the first event professionals worked during the Ptolemaic Empire and during the days of Cleopatra and Marc Anthony. Later on, event professionals were an important part of medieval times because who else could have organized those lavish royal parties? Take some time on Oct. 23 to celebrate yourself and your event professional peers!

Your venue won’t have a problem finding multiple days to build promotions for in October. You can find a full list of October holidays and marketing ideas in our monthly infographic. It will help you create holiday and seasonal content that’s relevant to your restaurant, hotel, or unique venue. Don’t forget to use the holiday hashtag in your caption to get your content found by customers taking part in the celebrations.

Need more marketing help?

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