New Event Management Features from Tripleseat: January 2018


The Tripleseat team hit the ground running at the beginning of 2018 to improve our tools and features. In case you missed it, here’s a list of our January releases.

1. Event document PDF export as a single document

The PDF download is now available in two ways: The first is a zip file of individual documents saved as PDFs. The second is one long PDF containing all of the documents. The default is now set to download your event documents as one PDF file.

2. Email template included in guest reply

When using email templates to send discussions, the template message can now be included in your client’s response. This is really helpful for discussions where you’re sending your clients a list of questions and they can respond using your original message and adding their answers. This setting can be turned on for specific discussion email templates in Settings> Discussion email templates> Edit the template> Check the box Include email in guest response.

Learn more about this feature, check out the video below.

Email Template Included In Reply from Tripleseat on Vimeo.

3. Lost reason dropdown

When an event is lost, you can fill in a text box with notes or details about why the booking fell through. You can add a dropdown list that includes options added by your business. Add the dropdown by going to Settings> Preferences> Dropdowns tab> Scroll down to Event Lost Reasons, and add options there.

Learn more about how to use the lost reason dropdown by viewing the video below.

Lost Reason Dropdown from Tripleseat on Vimeo.

4. Guest portal links

The guest portal links allows you to send direct links to your customers that allow them to log into the guest portal (similar to the direct link for documents). This is the same link as the view this event at the bottom of the discussion. This is helpful if you want to share the guest portal with a client without going through discussions.

5. Booking layout update

This update saves you a little time and a few clicks. When you are creating a new event from booking details, the details will automatically populate the event information. If you need to change anything, just click the Edit or Reassign button under the event name.

Get started now

If you’re a Tripleseat user, log in and start using these new features. Need help? Contact Tripleseat’s Support team by submitting a request online, sending an email, or calling our Help Desk at 978-716-2862 between 9 am and 5 pm EST Monday through Friday.

If you’re not a Tripleseat customer and you’re interested in learning more about Tripleseat’s features, schedule a demo at your convenience to take a closer look.