Tripleseat Product Development News


There are some super exciting product updates coming to Tripleseat. While our competitors copy us and struggle to catch up, we are pushing the envelope with our Product Development and making Tripleseat even better.

We are close to having the entire product redesigned and ready to roll out. This re-design will enable us to add more features to Tripleseat and have the flow of the product be even better. Some highlights of the re-design is a “non fixed” view of Tripleseat. What this means is the if you have a large screen Tripleseat will automagically detect that and expand the view without distorting. This view works for little screens too, like a mobile phone. Tripleseat will now be user friendly with a mobile phone and you do not have to sacrifice any functionality from a web app.

The lead tab is taking on a life of its own. We are adding the ability to create docs (like a Proposal) and attach your .PDF menu’s to the Discussion. Speaking of Discussions, you will be able to respond to a lead via Tripleseat so now you do not have to switch between your email client and Tripleseat. All the communication will be within the lead and when you convert the lead to an event that communication will become part of the booking.

Reporting will have additional filters so you can run a report and exclude (or include) custom fields in the reports. For example, you can run a report that says “show me all the accounts that are University”. Now the report will show only the accounts with a University in the custom field. This update means that all the fields that are NOT related to the filter will not show up saving you time and giving you the data exactly how you wanted it. Theses filters appear in Reports and the Account/Contact/Calendar/Booking tabs too.  (UPDATE: This is released and active now)

If you have ever cut and pasted from Word or e-mail into any web editor you know what a pain it is to get all that extra formatting off from Word. We have figured out how to strip that formatting off for you (we may be the only company to figure this out). So, if you cut and paste from Word into the picklist or the blank lines of the picklist within a BEO or doc the formatting will work and not carry the extra code from Word. (UPDATE: This is released! Woohoo)

What do you do if you have multiple people working on a doc like a BEO? You could overwrite the other person work or accidentally add something. To eliminate this risk we have developed an alert that will appear in the doc itself if someone is already in that doc working on it. The alert will tell you who is in the doc and it will also show you when they entered the doc. Problem solved.

The above updates are just the beginning, we have a bunch more in store in for you that we are putting the finish touches on. Stay tuned for announcements when these updates are released.