New Banquet Event Orders


October for Tripleseat and our customers was one of our best months ever. Yahoo! We have new Tripleseat customers from New York, Boston, Washington DC, Dallas, San Francisco, Chicago and the Atlantic Ocean (yes we now have our first ship as a customer)

The number of lead our customers are receiving using the the Tripleseat SmartLead booking engine has tripled with over a million dollars worth of leads captured.

We are busy putting the finishing touches on the new Banquet Event Order (BEO) feature of Tripleseat. This entire redesign has taken on a life of itself, what started as a simple project( we thought) has turned into a major, major redesign and evolution of how BEO’s are done. We have added flexibility to not only create a unique menu in seconds, but the ability to create any form that users can dream up. Now users can create a contract, proposal, BEO, invoice whatever you need. The forms themselves can then be delivered to user’s customers via the internet with a unique URL link or the traditional way via a e-mail attachment.

The new BEO process will reduce what is a multi-step, time consuming process to something that will take just two clicks and seconds.

Stay tuned for the release announcement that will be coming up very soon.