Multi-Events Update


So the big day is close at hand. We are all but finished with the development of the ability to add multiple events to a single Booking. Currently, in Tripleseat a Booking and an Event are the same thing. This has worked for a majority of you, but the event business is evolving rapidly and now your customers are requesting more intricate, multi purpose events. Before this upcoming update if your customers wanted a meeting and a lunch and maybe a cocktail party after the meeting you would have to create three Bookings in Tripleseat (because Bookings and Events are the same thing) and that was a pain and time consuming. With the new update you can create one Booking and in that Booking you can have as many events as you want. Let’s take a look at an example:

Let’s say Lisa Jones wants to do a wedding at your venue. With the new Tripleseat Update you would create a BOOKING called “Lisa Jones Wedding” and you would put in the date of BOOKING and the location of where the BOOKING is taking place. Now Lisa wants to do the wedding on the outside deck, the cocktail party in Room A and then the Dinner in Room B. That is 3 EVENTS in 3 different places at the venue. No problem. Simply create an EVENT called “Wedding” and do what you would normally do in Tripleseat like number of people, room (in this case, the outside deck), time and date (if different from the BOOKING). For the cocktail party, you would simply “add another EVENT” under the BOOKING and call it the cocktail party and, you guessed it, do what you would normally do for an EVENT. Finally, you want to add the third EVENT which is the “Dinner” in Room B and you would do the same thing you did for the other 2 EVENTS.

Simple. With this example you did NOT have to create 3 separate BOOKINGS that were not connected like you would have had to do prior to this update.

But Jonathan we don’t do multi-events what now? No problem, we built the update to work without causing a change in the way you book business now. When you create a BOOKING, Tripleseat will AUTOMATICALLY create the EVENT at the same time. You will see that the BOOKING name and the EVENT name are the exact same thing.

Check out this video on how Multi-Events works:


  1. Does this effect my Documents?
    No. Everything on Documents works exactly the same as before
  2. Is the Calendar different now?
    Nope. Works and looks the exact same way. If your BOOKING has multiple EVENTS all the EVENTS will show on the calendar
  3. Do I need to do something to Tripleseat to get the update?
    Updates are automatic so you do not have to do anything at all
  4. Why does everything in Tripleseat say Events now?
    Prior to the update everything was a BOOKING. Because we broke EVENTS and BOOKINGS out we had to change BOOKINGS to say EVENTS.
  5. What about Reporting?
    The reports are the same. It is reported on EVENTS (like before) and we added BOOKINGS to the reports also
  6. How About Leads? Do they Convert the same way?
    Yup. Leads convert the same way as before. Once converted you can change the name of the EVENT or the BOOKING or just leave it. Whatever works for you.
  7. Can I see all the EVENTS withing a BOOKING?
    You sure can just click on the BOOKING name and all the EVENTS by date and and time will show like baseball cards. (similiar to the shout out in the Calendar)