Mine the Database for Holiday Season Success


The holiday season is fast approaching and I thought I would give everyone some helpful tips for marketing with your Tripleseat account.

Tripleseat is a goldmine of information about your customers and your private dining business. With Tripleseat, while you were busy planning events and handling inquiries, you were also building up a valuable database of accounts, contacts, leads and bookings. Now is the time to make your hard work pay off by mining the data for the holidays. Here is a a few tips on how to best do it…

Know thy customers

Tripleseat Reports provide a wealth of information about your past customers. Simply click on the Reports tab and select Most Booked Contact Report

Choose the Last 6 months and voila! There are all your contacts and how much they booked with you (by revenue and by number of bookings). You can change the report by selecting different filter options. Now simply select the Excel icon on the right hand side of the report, and you will have all the contact information ready to be uploaded into a email marketing tool.

Email marketing

Constant Contact is a nice and inexpensive tool to send out your bulk emails. They have tons of email templates you can use or you can create your own look. The Excel spreadsheet produced by Tripleseat is ready made for importing into Constant Contact.

Leverage past bookings

Another great idea is to send an email to last year’s holiday parties.¬†Contact your bookings from last year and give them a chance to book early. To do this simply go to the Bookings tab and select the data range:

Choose the date range from November to January (of last year), and then select Export to Excel. Once again we will export all your contact details to Excel and you can upload to Constant Contact or do a direct mailing.

Use your SmartLead link

With Tripleseat, you can use your SmartLead link to capture event leads without having to send them to your website. To do this, go to your SmartLead web link and cut and paste it out of your web browser

Put your link everywhere. Post it on your Facebook Page, Twitter the link (Hey we do Holiday parties! (insert link)) At the end of your email signature, on your email blast (Book Now. Space is Filling Up (insert link))

If you need help let us know and we will help you out. There is gold in them there hills. Go get it.