3 Ways To Market Your Event Space To Human Resource Professionals



An important key to marketing private events effectively is to get your message in front of decision-makers. In many organizations, the person that you really need to make contact with is the individual in charge of human resource management. That’s because HR professionals are typically involved in scheduling and organizing company meetings, training sessions, employee appreciation events, holiday parties and more.

Three Ideas for Marketing to Human Resource Professionals
Knowing that you need to reach HR practitioners is one thing – but actually getting your message in front of them is another matter entirely. You aren’t likely to meet them at general networking events or Chamber of Commerce mixers. Instead, you need to focus your efforts on participating in events and activities specific to their interests.

1. Join a Local HR Professional Organization
There are Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) chapters in most areas, even relatively small markets. While some limit membership privileges only to HR practitioners, most allow vendors to join as associate members.

When you become a member, you’ll be able to attend monthly meetings and become involved in chapter committees, both activities that will allow you to network with HR professionals who are responsible for booking company events and who may – if they are impressed with you – refer you to their own professional contacts.

2. Sponsor HR-Oriented Events
Many SHRM chapters allow vendors to sponsor meetings or advertise on their websites and in their newsletters. Some even hold annual educational conferences and seminars that include trade shows complete with vendor booths and door prize drawings.

The fees are typically very affordable. Participating in these types of promotional opportunities provides you with a way to deliver your message to a niche market that might otherwise be difficult to reach, allowing you to get your marketing messages in front of a targeted, engaged audience of HR professionals in a cost-effective manner.

3. Attend Employment Seminars
It’s likely that there are several organizations in your community that offer employment law and employee relations seminars throughout the year. It’s possible that your Chamber of Commerce may periodically bring in speakers to address this topic, as well as continuing education providers, law firms and other types of organizations.

Watch local media and online event calendars for announcements of these types of events and make a point of attending. You’ll likely learn information that will help you manage the employees in your restaurant more effectively, as well as have an opportunity to meet and network with local HR practitioners.

Network Your Way to Success in the HR Community
Following these suggestions is a great way to network with members of the HR community in your area and to spread the word about the private event services that your restaurant has to offer. Collect business cards from the HR people you meet as a result of engaging in these networking and prospecting activities and follow up with an invitation to join you for lunch at your restaurant – on you, of course – where they’ll have an opportunity to see for themselves just how well they’ll be taken care of when they start booking company meetings and events at your facility.