One. Two. Three Punch of making your Private Dining business better


In a recent article “Happy days (sort of) here again” about holiday parties from the Boston Herald Jason MicKinley-Babb the General Manager of Grill 23 (one of our customers) is quoted as saying “We’re going to come out looking better than last year…”

Why the success for Grill23 when many others are struggling? Well it is the:

  • One Punch – Have great Private Dining Sales Manager dedicated to sales
  • Two Punch – Creative marketing person to generate buzz and leads
  • Three Punch – Technology to assist in target marketing, capturing the leads and planning the events.

A one two punch is not going to cut it anymore you need the third punch if you are going to knock it out.

Check out this video I did with Brian Mills, Sales Manager of Grill 23, back in February where he talks about how he uses Tripleseat to generate Private Dining Sales for his Restaurant.