Is Your Venue Prepared to Host Hybrid Events?


Event planners are back to planning events in person but are still inviting a virtual audience to join in. A hybrid event is an event with an in-person audience as well as a virtual audience. People (and planners) became more familiar with attending and hosting only virtual events during the pandemic; so now that it is something we’ve seen done successfully, it’s a trend we won’t see going away anytime soon even as in-person events return.

So how does your venue become a planner’s go-to for hybrid events? We asked Alicia Schiro, CEO of Aced It Events, and New York City-based hospitality professional Tricia Macaluso for some tips on how venues can attract planners to your venue for their hybrid events. Schiro and Macaluso shared their advice during our EventCamp Digital Series webinar, How to Prepare Your Venue for Hybrid Events.

Do you think the hybrid/virtual event trend is here to stay? Why? 

Schiro: Yes. There are a number of positive reasons to continue both virtual and hybrid such as an extension of guest count, global reach, and increased profit.

Macaluso: Yes, I believe that hybrid events are here to stay. I think this allows for clients across all verticals to draw a larger crowd as well as cost savings in food and beverage and other costs associated with hosting live events.

How can venues better promote themselves as locations for hybrid or virtual events?

Schiro: If I were a venue, I would be sure to have my space’s information online. That would include floor plans and guest counts. If I were a restaurant, I would have each private dining room listed with the same information. I would also list a person’s name, email, and phone number to contact. I would not use a generic email address.

Macaluso: To start I think venues need to be better educated on A/V in general. Anticipating the needs of your client and being proactive by being the go-between your client and your A/V company or in-house production team.  There is nothing more frustrating when communication isn’t streamlined. Making the process as easy and seamless as possible. 

What makes a venue appealing to corporate planners for hybrid events? 

Schiro: Any venue can accommodate a hybrid event.  If the venue can recommend an audio-visual company that is familiar with their space, that is ideal.  It would save the planner a ton of time.  However, if the A/V company the venue is recommending has an exclusive with the venue (meaning you cannot bring in another AV company), then that could potentially be seen as negative.  Sometimes those situations can be more expensive as opposed to utilizing a relationship already established with another A/V company.

Macaluso: They need to have an understanding of A/V in general and having a partnership in place to help guide your client through the process if they are not familiar with hosting hybrid or virtual events.

Watch the video to learn more about hybrid events

View the recording of How to Prepare Your Venue for Hybrid Events below to get a better understanding of what event planners look for when searching for a hybrid event venue and insights on how to make your venue their first choice!