EventCamp Digital Series: How to Prepare Your Venue for Hybrid Events


Hybrid events — in-person events that have an online option — have taken off in a big way since 2020, when the pandemic limited the number of guests allowed at venues. And they’re not going away. The hybrid trend allows attendees to participate according to their comfort level with in-person gatherings and provides an easier, cost-effective way to attend events from a laptop or mobile device.

We spoke to industry experts Alicia Schiro and Tricia Macaluso about hybrid events and how venues can be better prepared to take advantage of the hybrid trend during our EventCamp Digital Series panel, How to Prepare Your Venue for Hybrid Events.

Schiro, CEO of Aced It Events, is the industry expert in event production, planning, and management. She specializes in one-of-a-kind corporate experiences, conferences, galas, and retreats. Her client roster includes A-list celebrities, rock stars, top athletes, celebrity chefs, and Fortune 500 companies across the globe.

Walters is a seasoned NYC-based hospitality professional with more than twelve years of experience with a background in corporate and social functions. She has worked on a multitude of events throughout her career, including the 2019 Rolling Stone Super Bowl kickoff party.

They shared a number of tips that can help your venue host hybrid events, no matter your experience level, including:

  • Your venue’s website plays a huge role in getting booked by event planners for hybrid events. Make sure your website includes contact information for a member of your staff, the capacity, details on what’s provided in the space, and photos and video.
  • If your venue is contacted by a planner organizing a hybrid event, be sure to respond within 24 hours before they move on to find another space.
  • Add a hybrid event package to your event package marketing materials as an option for event planners.
  • If you are shipping something to virtual attendees of a hybrid event, take the time to plan and find a reliable shipping vendor so that everything gets sent to the attendees by the event date.
  • The right technology is important to host a hybrid event. Work with audio/visual vendors or companies to find the equipment and software you need to create a flawless event.
  • Practice with your equipment and software to become technically proficient and avoid mistakes.
  • Take a look at your event space, decor, and furniture to ensure you have the correct setup for your hybrid event.

View the recording of How to Prepare Your Venue for Hybrid Events below to get a better understanding of what event planners look for when searching for a hybrid event venue and insights on how to make your venue their first choice!

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