Hot Food, Hot Leads: Tips for Marketing


You might think that small businesses are tired of receiving marketing materials. In this digital age, small businesses are being tapped for everything through the phone, email, text message, and website contacts. Businesses, however, are always looking for new ideas for private dining and banquet locations. Whether it’s a once-a-year company Christmas party, monthly seminar dining, or a hot spot to take valued clients, small businesses need private dining options.

Small businesses bring a lot to the table for your business. Businesses generally prefer to establish long-term relationships with private dining locations for the purposes of consistency and quality. If the business is trying to attract people to an event, this is a win-win situation for your location because this can be the beginning of a relationship and introduce their clients to your business, too.

Start by creating a list of all the businesses in the area that could have use for your facilities. Investigate their company website and explore what kind of events they already have.  Opening your discussion with a “warm introduction” mentioning these events increases the chances of a partnership. The time spent researching your business contacts is well worth the positive response you’re more likely to receive. Target your marketing to the businesses that seem to have the most connection to your own. For example, a company that holds a monthly “round table” for top advisors might be a perfect fit for the private dining room.

When reaching out to a new business, make sure that your pitch is “value-added”. What does their business stand to gain from this connection to you? What separates your dining experience from other locations in the area? Why is your location ideal for their clients? Research the business beforehand and think about their customers. Showing that you’ve researched their clientele demonstrates interest in their business.

The key to obtaining and keeping these clients is in the follow up. After a sample tasting or an event, touch base to see how you performed. Close the conversation with an invitation or offer for their next event. Maintaining that relationship requires contact and dedication.