How Your Bar or Nightclub Can Pack Your Venue for New Year’s Eve


Believe it or not, we are just a few weeks away from closing the doors on 2021 and saying hello to 2022. New Year’s Eve is a time to celebrate new beginnings which many people do in the form of an extra special celebration. This is another opportunity for restaurants, bars, and nightclubs to get creative and give everyone a reason to indulge in food, drink, dancing, and everything else that comes along with the perfect night out.

Many people have been caught up in holiday season preparation that they still do not have their New Year’s plans squared away. There is still time for restaurants, bars, and nightclubs to capitalize on this special night for some extra revenue. So, what can they do?

1. Ticketed events

In many cities, especially big ones like New York City, ticketed events are the way to go on New Year’s Eve. By simply searching “New Year’s Eve events” by city on the internet, you will find bars and restaurants offering tickets to events. Many social media influencers can even get involved with promoting such events. These events often have various ticket prices for different perks, like a General Admission ticket for getting into the bar with a complimentary drink or a VIP ticket with an open bar for the night.

Other bars and clubs offer bottle service, and sometimes a champagne toast and snacks are included. Even decor can sometimes be found at the tables — like New Year’s signs and hats — for the higher price tickets. These big parties usually have a fun DJ or live performer and last until the late hours of the night.

As a bar or nightclub, you have likely already been heavily promoting these offerings, but continue to do so until you have hit the maximum capacity for ticket sales. Post all over social where your ideal demographic can be found — perhaps on Instagram and TikTok if looking for your 21+ Generation Z and Millennial audience. 

2. Special private event menus

This next idea would likely be more for bars that may not be hosting the big-ticketed New Year’s Eve parties as described above. Perhaps a group of friends wants to rent out a private event space for their own private New Year’s celebration.

Do you have special party offerings for groups inquiring about something like this? Maybe a package includes something extra fun like a sparkling drink display, shimmery decor around the room, a glitzy photo wall, disco balls, and a private dance floor. New Year’s Eve decorations are usually shimmery and fun, so keep with that theme when promoting these packages.

Perhaps the appetizers and drinks could have their own fun names as well, like a Midnight Kiss Martini, New Year’s Negroni, or a “Twenty-Twenty-Two Tequila. Getting creative with the smallest details can bring attention to the offerings and hopefully get those inquiries into booked events. Consider offering a specialized tasting menu, chef experience, or theatrical element for groups that book on New Year’s Eve. These things may already be on your social media platforms, but keep on pushing and promoting to spread the word.

3. Off-site catering

Some groups may opt for the party at home setup, which could require catering from a bar or restaurant. Make your catering offerings known, and if you are a TripleseatDirect user, use the TripleseatDirect form in order to capture these orders. The great thing about catering is that multiple orders can be done at once, of course, allowing for even more revenue stream on top of in-person events that could also be happening at the venue. 

Through TripleseatDirect, interested parties can select everything they want for their order and pay online, all without speaking to anyone in the process. Let the TripleseatDirect form do the work for you while you focus on the other events going on at your venue. To learn more about setting up TripleseatDirect, check out this handbook created by the Tripleseat team. 

4. Other promotions

Hopefully, a combination of these ideas can get your bar or nightclub booked up for New Year’s Eve, but there is always room to promote other offerings as another form of revenue. For example, promote gift card sales and bundle them with a bottle of champagne or a free appetizer to be redeemed at the next visit when purchased before the end of 2021.

Host a social media contest the last week of the month that will encourage follower engagement and offer up a fun prize to the winner. Even these small offerings can show that you are engaging with the community and feeling the spirit of New Year’s celebrations.

Grow your event revenue in 2022

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