How Wineries Can Use Tripleseat to Manage Events


Most people know Tripleseat as an event management platform that caters to restaurants and hotels, but we’re also pretty chummy with wineries and vineyards, and why wouldn’t we be? They make for some pretty spectacular event settings, and Tripleseat makes it insanely easy for event planners working at wineries to book and execute private events.

From 10-person wine pairing dinners to a wedding for 300 guests, Tripleseat has all the tools necessary to manage events of all sizes. Read on to learn more about how Tripleseat supports wineries in private events and beyond.

Leads, leads, and more leads

Did you know that you can create custom lead forms in Tripleseat for each event type and use them in all of your marketing efforts? Considering the current climate of the hospitality industry, you’re most likely promoting micro-events like wine dinners or small tastings. With Tripleseat you can create a separate lead form specifically for these events and add it to social media posts and marketing emails.

Are you focusing on wine to go? No problem! Simply create a takeout specific lead form and customers can place to-go wine orders directly from your Instagram bio, Facebook page, email signature, and more.

With tailored lead sources, you can keep track of where every lead comes from and which campaigns reaped the most revenue. You can even create auto-response emails for each lead type so you not only respond with lightning speed but your response isn’t generic and the same across the board. 

Of course, just because you’re currently promoting micro-events doesn’t mean your wedding or corporate event clients are left out in the dust; you can run multiple campaigns with several lead forms at once, and they’ll all flow onto your Tripleseat platform where you can filter and organize them by lead source.

Off-premise tastings

Tripleseat’s intuitive platform makes it easy to use for off-site events as well. Simply create a room named off-premise, and check the box to ignore conflicts so you are able to book as many off-site events as you’d like on the same day and at the same time. Otherwise, you’ll book these events the same way you book on-site gatherings.

Chances are off-premise events will have a different set of terms and conditions or liability clauses. Switching out entire documents or information within documents is a cinch with our customizable templates and merge fields. Whatever and wherever the event may be, you are able to create and share branded documents within Tripleseat with just a few clicks. 

Contactless everything — it’s what’s in

Whether you’re hosting a wine dinner in your vineyard or a wine tasting at an off-site location, your clients will appreciate the many touch-free options Tripleseat allows them. Once you turn that lead into a booking, you’re able to communicate with the client through Tripleseat’s discussion emails. Your pre-built email templates and merge fields make it easy for you to respond quickly.

And, remember those beautifully branded documents I mentioned earlier? Well another huge advantage of them is the ability for your clients to sign their contract online through our Guest Portal. You can also share payment requests through the Guest Portal and with our credit card integration option, your clients can make event payments from their smartphone with a few clicks. 

Need to make last-minute adjustments on the fly? No problem. You can edit documents, payment amounts, and pretty much any other event detail from any device, anywhere, and the edits will be automatically updated on your client’s side through the Guest Portal. The only step left is hosting the event. Tripleseat’s contactless sales cycle makes booking, adjusting, and finalizing events at or outside your winery simple and efficient.

Not just for restaurants and hotels

Tripleseat is truly a one-stop-shop for all of your on-and off-premise events. It’s the easiest way to streamline every event your winery attends to. Whether that be a wine tasting for 10 people, a micro wedding for 30, an off-premise wine tasting, or even simply a wine takeout order, Tripleseat has the features to keep you organized at every step of the way.

Are you a winery or vineyard looking for an all in one platform to handle your on and off-premise sales? Schedule a demo to learn more about how Triplesaet can help you build and streamline more than just your private events. 

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