How Tripleseat Changed Events for One Restaurant Group


With five locations and more than 60 private dining rooms located across the United States, tracking details and communication is crucial for the events team at Tom’s Urban.

Joanna Sanchez, Vice President of Event Sales at Tom’s Urban, said that the restaurant group signed on with Tripleseat after struggling with office software that wasn’t designed for event management.

“Life before Tripleseat was awful,” Sanchez said. “We were using only Word documents, PDFs, and now that we have Tripleseat and I’ve implemented it into our sales department, it just has changed everything. It makes life easier for not only us as events people, but the client as well.”

Now, the team logs in to Tripleseat daily to coordinate their events with features like SmartDocs to create proposals and event orders, SmartLeads to capture and convert leads, SmartChat to communicate easily with clients, and the booking tools to create and manage event bookings. And they regularly reach out to Tripleseat’s support team if they have questions or need a little help.

“Tripleseat is such an easy, user-friendly software system, but because of the support it brings me with the people that I work with, I’m just dedicated to the fact they’re loyal to us as clients and therefore I’m loyal to them,” Sanchez said.

Learn more about why Sanchez and the Tom’s Urban team rely on Tripleseat for their event management needs in the video below:

Tripleseat Testimonial: Joanna Sanchez of Tom’s Urban from Tripleseat on Vimeo.

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