How Tripleseat Benefits Your Hotel’s Operational Support Team


If your hotel is currently using a legacy sales and catering platform, you may have run into the top problem of having limited user licenses.

Yes, you purchased enough licenses for the sales team, but it doesn’t extend to the other members of your staff. What happens when a sales manager is out of office, on vacation, or busy? The ball can be dropped, not once, not twice, but over and over again. Your property’s support team needs access to sales and catering accounts and contracts to create successful experiences for each client.

Your hotel needs a platform with multiple users

This is where Tripleseat saves the day. Our cloud-based sales and catering platform for hotels allows for unlimited users, which means all departments have login access. The information needed for each person to do their job is at everyone’s fingertips.

With unlimited users, each user has the ability (based on permission levels) to see the information that they need instead of waiting for hard copies to be distributed. For example, the sales team can see every contact, contract and dollar spent, whereas the engineering department might only be able to see the calendar of upcoming events. The front desk and housekeeping might have access to the GRC and resumes, while the culinary and banquet teams can view the kitchen sheets, BEOs, and events calendar. 

With this information at their fingertips, departments can plan ahead and answer questions like: What do staffing levels need to look like? What does potential purchasing look like? You can now plan weeks in advance as opposed to days before an event. This allows teams to get ahead of unnecessary and costly conflicts. 

We know that operational support teams are not sitting at computers all day — they can access sales and catering information on the go. Tripleseat is mobile-friendly, meaning their dashboard is viewable on their phone, tablet, or computer. 

Plus, training and teaching operational teams how to use Tripleseat’s sales and catering platform is easy and we provide plenty of support and resources, including Tripleseat University, in-person and online events, our blog, YouTube videos, and our support team.

Get the right tools in place for your hotel

If you’re looking for new ways to drive hotel bookings and save time, make sure to use a tool like Tripleseat to help you increase and manage the group sales that are essential for filling hotel guest rooms, booking event function spaces, growing banquet revenues, and increasing your overall revenue. Schedule a demo to learn more about Tripleseat.