How to Get More Comfortable Selling Your Venue


As an events professional, it’s tempting to focus on the clients who come to you when they want to book a private event. But to maximize your space and grow profits, it’s important to be comfortable not only booking events at your venue but proactively selling your space as well. 

Below, we list a couple of ways to get into a sales mindset, and in turn, increase your events and revenue.

Show vs. tell

A picture speaks a thousand words, so what better way to show prospects that your venue is able to host events than with pictures? Include high-quality photos of past events (with approval from clients) on your website so prospects can get a feel for how their event will look in your space. You can also create a private events packet featuring photos and details that will show potential clients all they need to know about your event venue.

Keep everyone informed

As an events manager or owner of a venue, you likely know everything about your event venue and are able to answer any question on the spot from a prospect. But can everyone on your events team answer questions like, What makes your venue stand out? What does your space offer that can’t be found down the road? Have your entire staff know each detail about your private events program, from how many people your venue can hold to your food and beverage minimum. That should help you feel more confident about selling your venue.

Be realistic about what events you can accommodate

What makes your venue unique? Whether it’s a huge dance floor that’s ideal for wedding receptions or the acoustics and sound systems in your venue that are perfect for live music, selling on these points can help give you an edge over your local competitors. Finding your niche and aligning your marketing materials and channels to target customers interested in certain types of events will help you become more successful in the events industry.

Ask for guest feedback

While it may seem like guest communication is over once the event ends, that shouldn’t be the case. Ask them their thoughts on how the event went, and if they have any feedback for your venue, whether positive or negative. This will allow you to make any changes or keep things the way they are for events in the future. You can use these quotes when selling to similar clients or those wanting to host a similar event. Plus, being able to see positive feedback can be the push that turns a prospect’s “maybe” into a “yes.”

Book repeat events

When you aren’t feeling the pressure of meeting your sales goals, you are more confident during your sales process. One way to secure events faster and host them more consistently is through repeat clients. Think: annual holiday parties, anniversaries, or quarterly team-building events. Reach back out to past clients and see if they’d be interested in renting out your space again. You can even give them an incentive for booking ahead of time, like a discount on their total price.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on the Gather blog and written by Holly Edwards.