How to Dazzle with Private Dining: Inspiration From 3 Michelin Star Restaurants


There’s no doubt that becoming a Michelin Star-awarded restaurant places your venue in the company of the world’s finest dining destinations. It also puts you at the top of the list for clients looking for upscale venues for their events. 

Let’s take a look at three Michelin Star restaurants and what makes them a hot spot for private dining. 

1. Alinea — Chicago


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Alinea, which not only has three Michelin Stars but has also received James Beard Awards and numerous placements on top restaurant lists, is so exclusive that you need to book two months in advance to dine there.

This isn’t your traditional fine dining restaurant. Alinea’s chef, Grant Achatz, created a contemporary, creative menu that’s all about the experience.

“Beef rossini, for instance, highlights roasted A5 Miyazaki tenderloin that’s presented sizzling-hot, then sliced, and arranged with foie gras,” said the Michelin Guide review.” Morels with goat butter emulsion show the beauty in classic simplicity; while desserts like a fanciful caramel popcorn bonbon, bubblegum-flavored Japanese cheesecake, and a green apple helium-filled balloon beautifully illustrate this chef’s sense of ‘nostalgia.’”

They have three distinct experiences. The first, the Kitchen Table, is an immersive and cutting-edge experience for parties of four to six people. The Gallery, reserved for parties of two to four people, includes a multi-sensory menu of fine dining and experimental cuisine. Lastly, The Salon serves a multi-course tasting menu for parties of two to six people. 

“ … dining here is part theater and pure pleasure,” according to the Michelin Guide. “Meals take advantage of every sense, so expect scented vapors, tricks, and tableside preparations. The olfactory experience is vivid—if you keep your eyes closed, intense wafts of citrus or smoke will easily reveal what course was just served.”

2. Vestry — New York City


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This fine-dining seafood restaurant draws its menu from Chef Shaun Hergatt’s experiences, from his childhood in Queensland to his current life in New York City.
Vestry’s menu is based on seasonal ingredients from local producers and is focused on seafood and vegetable selections.

Vestry guests can expect nothing less than “food art,” according to the Michelin Guide.

“The shiitake handroll employs wasabi leaf instead of nori and makes for a cool, natural, and zesty bite. Pescatarians will exult in the salt-cured ocean trout paired with nashi pear for a sweet and savory affair; or black seabream seared to golden crisp before being enriched by a spiced yuzu-kosho sauce,” said the Michelin Guide review.

The venue’s contemporary dining room can host parties of up to 10 guests for group dining. Every group event is an elegant, memorable experience.

“Vestry is a foolproof destination for guests craving a quiet evening in an intimate setting that fortunately also prepares truly gratifying cuisine,” said the Michelin Guide.

3. Birdsong — San Francisco


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The mission of Birdsong comes down to three words: sustenance, identity, and art. The menu is based on whole foods, local produce and meat, and seasonal ingredients. 

“Chef Christopher Bleidorn’s particular skill lies in his ability to combine the rugged appeal of flame-kissed meats with a delicate touch and palpable sense of whimsy. For proof, look no further than the lacquered quail with grilled Parker House rolls and crunchy pickles to be assembled by hand à la Peking duck,” according to the Michelin Guide.

Birdsong’s private event offerings provide three seating options. There’s the small Starling room, which accommodates six to 10 guests. The Merlin room, designed for larger parties of 11 to 20 guests. Or book the entire restaurant for up to 50 guests. Guests enjoy a six-course tasting menu designed by Bleidorn.

“His team demonstrates an impressive variety of techniques that wring out every fleck of flavor from such pristine ingredients as creek trout, presented as roe with kelp kombucha sabayon; ‘tail end’ lox served on crispy skin; as well as cedar-cooked loin with a jus made from the bones,” said the Michelin Guide.

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