How to Build a Solid Personal Network in the Hospitality Industry


We all know a stellar reputation, reviews, recommendations, and referrals drive revenue, especially in the hospitality and event industry. The same Rs are vital for building your own brand and network.

So don’t just stop at executing an awe-inspiring customer experience. Building a solid personal network with customers, industry colleagues, and beyond benefits you and your venue. But how do you get started? These tips will help you develop your network and create a supportive industry community.

Who should be in your network?

Your network should include colleagues (current and past), customers, partners, friends, and influencers. It should be people you enjoy working with and people who inspire you. You never know if they — or their connections — can make the introduction you need.

Where do you meet the right people for your network?

Work is the right first step for meeting people for your professional network. Then you can expand your circle by attending industry events, online communities, or even a fun night out.


Here are four reasons why building your network is smart for you and your business.

1. It keeps you up to date with the people in your industry

You build strong relationships with customers during the event planning process. Don’t let the relationship end there. Take a moment after their event to connect with via LinkedIn. You can learn more about their company and industry through their posts. If they move to a new company, you are alerted, can congratulate them, and connect on future partnerships.

2. It allows for an exchange of ideas

Fostering relationships with people in your industry offers the opportunity to share ideas, directly or indirectly. You may see promotions other venues are running or an inspiring set up to make a cocktail reception easier to navigate. For the most creative ideas, you may want to go beyond LinkedIn and follow industry leaders and peers on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook (yes, it is still a tool for some demographics).

3. You can explore your next gig or hire from your network

People want to work with good people. Whether you are looking for a new opportunity or hiring, your network can help you make connections. If you are hiring, share the post on LinkedIn and let your connections introduce some great people. If you are interested in a new position, see if any of your connections (or their connections) work there. They can give you the scoop about the environment and even submit your application because we know the power of referrals.

4. You can introduce customers to new venues

If you have made the leap to a new venue, update your LinkedIn profile, so your connections (like past customers) know where you landed. Through your feed or a personalized DM, share news about your cool new meeting space, innovative menu, or special packages to encourage conversations.

Nurture your networks

Spending time each week growing and maintaining relationships can build business, find opportunities, and just make navigating the industry a little easier.

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