How 3 Canadian Caterers Are Going Beyond Catering to Boost Sales


When hospitality businesses created new ways to drive revenue during the pandemic, they set a new tone for the industry. For catering companies, this meant a pause on traditional, large catering events, and rethinking who their customers are and what products or services they needed.

We found three Canadian catering companies that introduced some innovative ideas to drive sales.

1. Blank Canvas Catering: prepackaged personal meals 

During the pandemic, caterers and restaurants created individual meals for pickup and delivery as a way to make sales and provide a safe way to provide meals to customers. Blank Canvas Catering in Surrey, Canada, has an extensive menu of prepackaged personal meals available for customers. It includes breakfast, salads, soups, appetizers, cold sandwiches, warm sandwiches, poke bowls, main dishes, and beverages.

2. Encore Catering: catering for virtual events

Catering for virtual events has also become popular over the last year. It’s become a way for corporate clients to provide an in-person experience for employees participating in a virtual work event or meeting or for friends or families celebrating remotely on a video call. Encore Catering, in Toronto, Canada, offers virtual catering services to the greater Toronto area, and Vancouver and Victoria on the West Coast. Their virtual event catering involves custom menu creation, individually-packaged meals, direct-to-door delivery, options for ready-to-eat and ready-to-heat, and more.

3. Ascari: hosting virtual events

Toronto’s Ascari Hospitality Group has taken virtual events even further by both hosting and catering them. Customers can choose from seven virtual event formats: mixology lessons, guided wine tastings, baking demos, cooking demos, scotch tasting, wine and dine celebrations, and experiential dinners. Their team takes the stress out of planning these events and handles safety protocols, delivery, and event production.

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