Happy Holidays Everyone


Happy Holidays everyone!

Even though 2010 is not officially over I feel it is worth taking a look back and to start looking forward. This year was full of ups and some downs (but not many downs)

Tripleseat is not a big company and we like it that way. By staying small we are closer to our customers and we can make decisions faster.  In 2010 we added people for the first time and I am pretty stoked to have them as part of Tripleseat. We added Brian Neste, who many of you are familiar with as our support and account manager, we also added Tony and Rick from Brightmix. Tony works with Kevin as a Developer and and Rick is our Designer. Together they make Tripleseat work and feel the way it does.  How is Tripleseat doing you ask?  The numbers tell the story.

We added over 70 restaurants, hotels and bowling alleys (we love bowling alleys!) this year. Our new customers come from all over like Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, New York City, Miami, and Washington DC to mention a few and in all different shapes and sizes. Some restaurants are small with only a few seats but do outside catering and buyouts of their space, others are huge with multiple rooms and a full time sales and event staff. In addition we have unique venues like bowling alleys, boats, and estates.

Tripleseat has captured over 18,700 leads which is worth over $37 Million dollars, managed over 60,000 bookings worth over $1.2 Billion (that’s right with a B) and created over 18,000 smartdocs. Phew !The numbers are pretty staggering when you think about it.

As for development we released well over 100 improvements to Tripleseat. Some highlights are:

  1. Complete redo of the BEO to the now famous SmartDoc
  2. Brand new Calendar functions including syncing to the Outlook/Gmail/iCal
  3. Creation of Privatedining.in to help drive leads to our customers
  4. Reporting engine
  5. Quickleads added to SmartLeads so you can now capture phone leads too.
  6. Role based permission structure
  7. and many, many small tweaks and features to enhance the Tripleseat experience

Our look back would not be complete without talking about new and existing investors in Tripleseat. I am pumped up about our new investor Mark Hasebroock of Dundee Ventures. Obtaining outside capital can be a daunting task and very distracting but Mark made it seamless and easy. His laid back style and honest approach made doing business a snap and for that I am grateful. With the new capital Tripleseat now has the freedom to grow the company without sacrificing the support and integrity of the company. What many people don’t know is that before Mark, were two Angel investors that have been with us from the get go. These Angels have really earned the title of “angel” providing not just capital but support,solid advice, and breakfast (one investor is a great cook).

Now looking ahead I see dancing care bears and rainbows. For development we are working on some great projects that were provided by our users. With the product we work very hard to maintain a philosophy that simple is better. While there is a ton of features we can add to Tripleseat we don’t want to become a bloated, featured, mess like some software products out there (sorry for the dig but I can’t help it) We actually spend a lot of brain power on how to make things even simpler but add value, basically a 1+1=3 philosophy.

Our goal is to make a difference for the people who work in the private party, event business. We are well on our way to doing that but there is more we can do and 2011 will be the year it happens.

Have a great Holiday!