Google HotPot and Tripleseat SmartLeads


I recently went to a seminar on restaurants trends and a speaker from Google threw out this little gem; 4 out 10 of the top searches is food and beverage related. Wow.

So the next nugget from Google was their FREE listing on Google Places. What is Google Places? Well it is an area where you can add a ton of stuff about your restaurant including pictures and video for free. To see it in action Google Restaurants in Boston (or your town) and see all the red dots on the home page? That is Google Places.

How awesome is that? Best part it is FREE. Now Google has up the ante with Google HotPot “Google late Monday announced the creation of a “local recommendation” site where users can rate local businesses such as restaurants and hotels, get recommendations from the site as to which businesses they might like, and share ratings with friends and see the places those friends recommend visiting.” (Read full article click HERE)

With Google Places there is an area where you can add your SmartLead landing page web link. So now if people are checking out your Google Place you can direct them to your restaurant OR directly to your private dining landing page.  Below is a link to a short video on how to get set up with Google Places and adding your SmartLead Landing Page.

SmartLeads and Google Places