4 Simple Steps To Receive Holiday Party Leads


The Holiday Season is here! Consumers have already started with bang spending a record $52 Billion over the Thanksgiving weekend. Companies are reporting record profits for 2011 and that means it is time to celebrate. This season more and more people then ever will hit the web to research where to have their holiday party. So how do you get found and capture event leads? Follow these simple ideas and you will be well on your way to snagging all the leads you can handle.

  1. Update your listing on Tripleseat.com-Make sure your listing on our site has all the goodies like pictures and descriptions of the restaurant and rooms. Include links to your yelp and other sites. Have all  your content fresh and up to date.
  2. Include your SmartLead link on all e-mails and tweets-Make sure you include your SmartLead link on all your e-mails. Make it easy for someone to do business with you and give them the best experience from the get-go.
  3. Activate your Tripleseat Facebook app-When people come to your Facebook page have your Tripleseat Facebook lead app up and running. Capture leads right from your Facebook page
  4. Make the SmartLead link on your website obvious-Don’t bury your SmartLead link under tons of content and under a mysterious tab on your web site. You can have the link on multiple pages like the Home page and the About Us page.  Have a catchy call to action by each location. Example: “Click here to Start Booking Your Party”. If you have a web designer have them make a snazzy button to push instead of the link.