Five Questions with Bosscat Kitchen & Libations


Dining experiences today are much more than what is served on the plate in front of you. A restaurant or bar experience is about the establishment’s ambiance, the community of restaurants or bargoers interested in similar things, the creativity that sets the establishment apart, and the variety of food and drinks to be enjoyed.

Bosscat Kitchen & Libations in Irvine, Calif., will give you the optimal dining experience with its extensive whiskey stash, comforting food, and unique event experiences where you can deepen your whiskey passions with expert guidance.

We talked to Susan Yazarlou, Private Events Manager for Bosscat Kitchen & Libations, Ten Sushi & Cocktail, and Byblos Café, about the latest happenings at Bosscat Kitchen’s newest location in Irvine.

1. Tell us about Bosscat Kitchen & Libations in Irvine, the newest of the brand’s locations. What can be found on the food and drink menus? What sets this location apart from the rest?

We are a whiskey bar and serve American food with a southern twist. Irvine is our newest location, and it is beautiful. We have a stunning whiskey room, which is a signature room for all of our locations. We have a really cool rickhouse barrel wall and Instagram-worthy green wall. We also have a large park (a green space that can accommodate up to 400 people), which we have used for numerous large events.

2. What does the private event scene look like at Bosscat Kitchen so far? Describe the private event spaces and the event clientele.

We have four private event spaces. First is the Whiskey Room, which is a beautiful enclosed room with one large 12-top table. This room houses our whiskey wall and our famous bird cages. Leslie Nguyen, Bosscat Kitchen co-founder, who is now nine years sober, created this space using whiskey bottles in the cages to symbolize her prior alcohol addiction and trapping her addiction in the cages.

Next is our Library, which I like to call our speakeasy room. The Library has a cool vibe, and it houses our whiskey lockers, which are rented annually to whiskey fanatics, clients, and local businesses. We have a beautiful fireplace, trunk wall, egg chairs, and fun lounge seating. It’s one of our most popular event spaces. People love it for company happy hours.

Our last two spaces are our patios. The Barrel Patio, which is our smaller, more intimate patio, has one huge L-shaped leather tufted sofa and is positioned right in front of our birdcage wall. Our large patio has a walk-up outdoor bar and our famous “whiskey is my love language“ neon sign and green wall.

The majority of our events are corporate parties, which is due to the fact that we are located in a large business area.

3. Tell us about the Bosscat Whiskey Club exclusive membership program. Who is a member, and what are the benefits?

The Bosscat Whiskey Club is an exclusive membership program. Each month members will receive a unique or private selection bottle of whiskey, which our Bar Director, Matt Sharp, chooses. His love for whiskey and experience with distilleries allows him to choose exclusive Bosscat private barrels or more unique and interesting bottles from distilleries we love. Anyone 21+ can become a member of our Whiskey Club. We have everyone from corporate lunch-goers to whiskey connoisseurs in our club.

Whiskey Club memberships also make a great gift — memberships can be purchased in 6-month or 12-month subscriptions. For $75 per month, you get a whiskey bottle of the month, a complimentary signature cocktail with every visit, discounts on merch, and more. Your membership location is where you pick up your bottle, but perks can be redeemed at any Bosscat location.

4. What Tripleseat features are the most helpful to you when managing the busy events calendar at Bosscat Kitchen?

The Tripleseat templates are the most helpful feature! These save me so much time and make responding to client inquiries much faster.

5. The holiday season is the busiest time of year for many restaurants. Can you describe what a perfect holiday party at Bosscat Kitchen would look like?

Buyout after buyout after buyout! I predict so much food, alcohol, ice sculptures, live music, and 360 photo booths. It will be so busy and fun!