Tripleseat from Soup to Nuts


Here at Tripleseat we often tell people interested in our Event And Sales Management web application that our features are from “soup to nuts”.  People are so busy these days I thought it would be a good idea to provide a short list of the great, innovative features you will receive when you use Tripleseat.



Capture leads from your own website

Tripleseat easily integrates into your current website, allowing you to capture leads and inquiries from a custom form on your site. Customize the look and feel to match your existing site, and never lose a lead again!


Quickly add new leads

When leads come in via the phone or other means, Tripleseat allows you to quickly record the relevant details about the inquiry so you can follow up with them later. You can even give access to the hostess stand to create leads themselves!

Generate new leads from facebook

Over 500 million people use Facebook, and Tripleseat allows you to capture leads from all of them! After adding the Tripleseat tab to your Facebook Page, users will be able to inquire about private events direction via Facebook.


Capture leads through your listing on

Every Tripleseat customer can list their venue and rooms on Tripleseat’s public listing site, giving them exposure to thousands of visitors each month who are looking for private event space for their events.


Convert leads to bookings in one click

Never lose the details or cut and paste from an email again! When you receive a new lead, simply click “Convert”, and it will automatically be converted into a booking, transferring all of the details in the process.


Automatic lead notifications

Select which of your users should be notified when leads are submitted. You can set up Tripleseat to automatically send an email notification to specific users whenever a new inquiry is received, ensuring you never miss an opportunity!

Create and export detailed reports

Understand where your leads come from, how much they spend, and what your conversion rate is from lead to closed booking. Tripleseat allows you to report on anything in your database, giving you a clear view of your business.



View bookings on a calendar designed for private events

The calendar is the go-to place to view all of your bookings at a glance, by month, week, day – or with a special room view which allows you to view all your rooms at once. Easily filter and search your bookings, right from the calendar!


Have all event details in one place

Bookings store all of the details about an event in one, central location. Keep track of who requested the event and what time and location they desired. Also track documents, notes and tasks associated with your bookings as well.

Integrate with google calendar and Microsoft outlook

Do you prefer to view your bookings in Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook? No problem! You can view your Tripleseat bookings in any iCal-compatible software. You can even filter which bookings show up – e.g. Only view definite bookings.


Automatically identify booking conflicts

With Tripleseat’s booking conflict notification, never double-book a room again! When you create a definite booking, you’re alerted if it overlaps with a definite booking in the same room at the same time, allowing you to select a different room.


Upload and generate documents

Generate all of the documents you need to manage your events, such as BEOs, contracts, proposals and more. In addition, you can upload any other files you’d like, and associate them with the booking, keeping everything in one place.


Easily manage booking financial details

From the food and beverage minimum, to the deposit amount, Tripleseat allows you to track all of the relevant financial details about your bookings. Once tracked, you can then report on this information to see the big picture.


Assign tasks to team members

Tasks enable you to set reminders or followups for yourself or other team members. For instance, you can remind yourself to collect the deposit one week before the event, or create a task and assign it to someone else on your team.


Track phone calls and emails

You can create notes associated with bookings, which allow you to track details about that specific booking such as conversations you had with the client, or details you received via email.




Export important documents to PDF

Every document in Tripleseat can be exported and downloaded as a PDF document, allowing you to email or share them with your customers easily.


Share documents with customers online

In addition to downloading documents, Tripleseat also allows you to share a link to your documents with your customers, allowing them to view them online. This is a great way to easily allow your customers access to menus, proposals and more!


Generate Banquet Event Orders (BEO), Contracts and other important documents

Tripleseat’s custom documents can be customized to match the documents you already create. Need a different looking BEO for the kitchen? Tripleseat can do that. Want your contract to have your logo at the top? Not a problem!


Create dynamic menus

Create and store menu items and categories, which can be reused on menus and invoice documents, saving from having to hand enter the details each time. Tripleseat also remembers pricing, taxes and categories for each menu item.


Generate invoices from booking details

Use Tripleseat to generate final invoices for your events, and send them to your customers. Automatically calculate taxes, gratuities and other fees on top of the items from the event. Tripleseat automatically calculates the total and generates the invoice!




Easily organize your contacts by company or people

Tripleseat tracks both Accounts and Contacts, allowing you to separate details about the companies you do business with (e.g. IBM), from the people at those companies who you deal with (e.g. Susan Smith).


Discover your loyal customers with detailed reports

The account and contacts reports allow you to see at a glance which customers are sending the most business your way. Use this information to send marketing campaigns to your top customers, or thank them for their continued business.


View contact history

All of the information about a contact is stored, including all of the historical bookings they have held at your venue. This makes it easy to see if it’s a repeat event, or an entirely new event with new details.


Easily find contacts with powerful search

Quickly find and locate contacts and accounts with Tripleseat’s powerful search function. Search by name, or by city, state, phone and more.


Assign tasks related to particular contacts

Tasks enable you to set reminders or followups for yourself or other team members. For instance, you can remind yourself to collect the deposit one week before the event, or create a task and assign it to someone else on your team.


Discover your top customers

Knowing which events and customers are the most profitable is the key to running a successful private event business. Tripleseat provides you with detailed financial about your report, giving you great insight into the events you hold.

Track booking financials

 See which sources are providing the most leads to your private dining business, and calculate an ROI for your dollars spent. How many inquiries came from your website, Facebook or the phone? All this and more is available at your fingertips.

Customize reports to meet your needs

The account and contactsreports allow you to see at a glance which customers are sending the most business your way. Use this information to send marketing campaigns to your top customers, or thank them for their continued business.


Report on lead conversions

Each report in Tripleseat can be customized to match your specific requirements. Don’t want to see certain columns in your report? No problem. Want to group or sort by a specific field? Easy. View your data the way you want to see it.

Group information together

Grouped reports aggregate your report data by a specific column or field. This powerful feature allows you to view your reports in interesting ways. For instance, group all of your bookings by status to get an overall picture of your bookings.

Export reports to excel

Tripleseat allows you to export each of the reports to Excel format, allowing you to save them to your computer, share with others, and manipulate for further analysis.



Web based

Tripleseat runs in a web browser, just like you would normally surf the web. With no special software or hardware to install, you can use Tripleseat with any computer that can access the Internet.

Have users in multiple locations

Because there’s no software and no servers to install, your users can access Tripleseat from multiple locations simultaneously. Perfect for multi-unit groups, who often have a user in each location.

No hardware to install

Tripleseat is securely hosted “in the cloud,” and you access it through a normal computer and web browser. Because of this, there’s absolutely no special hardware required like servers, VPNs, or other complicated setups.

Works in all major browsers

We utilized the latest in standard web technology to build the Tripleseat software. Because of this, it works across all major browers and operating systems. Whether you use a PC or a Mac, or Internet Explorer or Firefox, Tripleseat will work for you.

Mobile access

Do you have an iPhone, Android or iPad? You can view your Tripleseat software directly on your mobile device! Become truly unplugged and access your private event information on the go!

And there you have just a taste of what Tripleseat can do for you and your event business!