5 Marketing Ways Tripleseat Drives Event Leads To Venues


imgresWe are often asked how we generate so many event leads for our customers. Truth be told, we have a marketing machine that runs almost 24/7 and the sole purpose is to feed leads to our customers.

Meet the Machine.

  1. Tripleseat Venue Directory website – Our Venue Directory which enables Tripleseat customers to create and maintain their own venue listing on our network.  The Venue Directory is supported by our SEO efforts which produced over 100,000 unique views every month!
  2. Meet the Tripleseat writers – We are the only event management providers with our own venue blog writing staff. There are 1300+ subscribers that read our writers Lauren Sloss, the San Francisco writer who writes about all our great venues in the West, and Carey Jones, our writer in New York City. Between the both of them, they have written over 300 posts. Carey’s post “5 Tips For Getting Into That Hot NYC Restaurant” has over 7,000 views. We put out a new post every week, so check it out!
  3. On our company blog – Every month we do a customer spotlight where we highlight a Tripleseat venue. Check out the spotlight on the Press Club in San Francisco that we did. These spotlights are written specifically about a your venue highlighting all the great things that make your special venue.
  4. SEO – At Tripleseat we have a dedicated team to make Tripleseat show on the first page of a search in searches for keywords like “Private dining in Boston” (we rank #5 for that search) or “Private Dining in San Francisco” (We rank #10)  where people searching will be directed directly to our Venue Directory. We do this all without ads so the search appears more organic and real which drives up the clicks on the Tripleseat links
  5. Social Media – Our Twitter and Facebook hand is strong. We tweet at least 2x’s a day about our venues, our customers or about interesting and valuable information that we find.

What are the results of all this marketing effort on behalf of our customers? Well, Tripleseat has captured and delivered ONE MILLION LEADS to our Tripleseat customers!  We are #1 in web traffic compared to our competitors (our competitors do not even show up on the charts because their traffic is so low) We have over 100 keywords that ranked #1 on Google and over 100,000 unique visitors per month.

The best part of all this marketing is that it is FREE to our customers. That’s right, we have never charged for a lead. We don’t believe in any kind of commission structure or revenue sharing for leads. The Tripleseat Venue Directory is only getting better and our customers are benefiting from it.