Event Pros Tell Us: What’s in Your Bag?


For this edition of “What’s in Your Bag?” I decided to stay close to home and check out what’s in Tripleseat’s very own event manager’s bag. It’s my pleasure to introduce Rachel Mazzola.

Mazzola is an accomplished event professional with more than 10 years of event planning experience. With a proven background in event management, meeting planning, training, trade shows, conferences, project management, and client success, she is currently the Corporate Event Manager at Tripleseat. She plays a pivotal role in organizing Tripleseat’s internal events and customer events such as Party People, Tripleseat University on the Road, and EventCamp.

Previously Mazzola worked at S&P Global, where she directed the day-to-day planning and event operations strategies, including venue selection, negotiations, budgeting, logistics, food and beverage, hotel accommodations, and program management.

She began her career working from a conference coordinator to an event manager at a company specializing in events for the information security sector. There she was in charge of the strategic planning and execution of more than 300 seminars, three symposiums, and 10 conferences.

When Mazzola isn’t planning and executing fantastic events, she loves to spend time traveling with friends, hiking with her dog Luna, tackling home improvement projects in her recently-purchased city apartment, and trying out new bars and restaurants in her neighborhood. She’s also an avid astrology lover and our go-to gal for anything sun, moon, and stars-related.

The Bag:

Mark and Graham’s Essential Leather Tote

The Items:

1. Extra pair of shoes and bandages for blisters

I always begin my events in heels. But, when you’re the event manager, you spend most of your time running around, making sure everything and everyone is exactly where and how they should be. Keeping a pair of flat shoes in my bag and bandages to fix the occasional blister is vital to keeping me (literally) on my toes.

2. Sharpies

There are a million reasons I always have Sharpie markers on hand for my use and because I feel like someone always asks for a permanent marker at some point during every event.

3. Multiple chargers and batteries

This one should go without explanation. Without a doubt, there is always at least one person at every event that forgets a charger. I always keep extra phone and laptop chargers in my bag along with backup battery ports just in case.

4. Travel toiletries

You never know when you’ll need to freshen up during a long event. I also like to have toiletries on hand if a presenter needs something. I always carry travel-sized toiletries such as deodorant, concealer, mascara, and mouthwash.

5. An entire pharmacy

It’s essential to be prepared for anything. I like to carry over-the-counter items in my bag like Tylenol, Emergen-C, Liquid I.V., and cough drops, among other things.