Event Planning is an Art


“Ars est celare artem .”  Everything sounds better in Latin.  That little jewel means “True art is in the concealment of the art.”  A good chef makes you say, “Wow, what a good chef.”  A true artist makes you say, “Wow, this food is amazing!”

Event planning is an art, as you may have already discovered. For everything to run smoothly, the intricate mechanics of planning have to be invisible. You know that the whole process took meticulous care, from the large brush strokes like celebrity chefs and your choice of places to have the event, down to the fine details like placement of water glasses. Your guests must believe that it was all effortless, so that they can concentrate on the business at hand (and call you for their next event).

Until now, hotel event and banquet planners have had to cobble together a system to keep track of everything. Tripleseat was designed so event artists can spend less time keeping track of everything and more time averting potential disasters.

Due to the speed of business today, you can be sure that even in small towns, the guests will have experienced events in New York, LA, Miami, Chicago, or even overseas. Their expectations are higher and their awareness is sharpened, so all events, from conferences to private dining fundraisers, require flawless organizational skills.

Perhaps the most daunting part of booking and planning is dealing with success. If you do it right they are going to call you again. That means keeping track of and recreating the thousands of details from the last event. Essentially, you need a CRM system not just for leads and referrals, but to keep your repeat business happy.

There is no way to keep everything in your head or on paper notes, but traditional CRM systems are too expensive and bloated with features you don’t need.  Tripleseat will be your wizard behind the curtain, and nobody has to know.