Event Planner Tips and Tools: 7 Time Saving Apps


Event Planner Tips and Tools: 7 Time Saving Apps

As an event planner and marketer, time is my biggest nemesis and organization is my best friend. Over the years, I have gathered an arsenal of favorite software applications that I use on my various technology devices to combat time and aid me in productivity.

Dropbox – I discovered Dropbox back in 2011 when I was working on a project from multiple computers. How fantastic that I could update a document in one place and save it – not as a new version and email it to myself – but right there on the computer in its most current iteration. 3 years later and I cannot imagine my working or personal life without it!

Evernote – I probably don’t use it to its full extent, but this is a great place to keep everything. I really love the web clipper. I sometimes find things online and they don’t warrant a Pinterest Post so they go into Evernote.

Expensify – This is a magical little expense tracker. Say goodbye to that folder filled with receipts that you tape to a sheet of paper and scan along with the itemized spreadsheet you labored over. This program allows you to snap pictures of the receipt with your smartphone, forward any online receipts, and add them to different reports. It is really so easy and so much easier than the old system!

Google Drive – Collaborating with coworkers or friends without Google Drive would be a challenging feat. It is amazing to sit on a conference call and all be looking at the same document and be able to make changes live in real time!

Trello – I am fairly new to Trello, but so far, am loving that I can put projects into different categories and drill down from there. It’s like having a binder for each project and different tabs with all the information living in one place. The best part is you can link it to Dropbox and Google Drive.

Tripleseat – If you’re in the business of booking events, it’s a must. I know, I know, I  work at Tripleseat so it seems like a shameless plug, but I promise I am a former user too. When I was managing events for a large, busy NYC restaurant I was doing the ol’ manila folder, excel, and a million notes routine. Tripleseat came along and changed my entire process. It is an amazing tool and a huge time saver!

WorkFlowy – There are a lot of list apps and programs out there, but I find that this one really stands out. It keeps things organized without having a really long list of things. You can drill down into each task and list what needs to be completed within them. It really helps me attack a to-do list in a whole new way!