12 New Tripleseat Features Updates For Our Friends


Welcome to one of our biggest releases ever with over 12 (!) new updates. Crazy I know. Tripleseat continues to be the undisputed leader in Event Management Software (EMS) and this new release proves it.

1. European Dates
If you’ve wanted to set up your account in a dd.mm.yyyy format, you can! The European date feature will allow you to adjust your date format for your database and merge fields to your customers. If you are located in Australia or Europe, this will be key for you and your clients! To switch over the date format in your database, you must be an admin user, then go to settings, preferences, and adjust the date format to your choice.

2. Signatures
You now can have signatures like your email on discussions! Customize your signature under my profile signatures. This is pre defaulted for you and will be included in all your freehand discussions. If you are an admin user and want to update your templates to remove the merge fields and now use signatures, you can. To do this, please go to settings, discussion email templates. There is no need to switch your templates if you do not want to. 

3. Multi Event Editor
Ability to adjust multiple event details at once under a single booking. If you edit the master booking you can now update all the events associated guest count and status. On the mass event editor you can update the status, move all the events forward or backwards a couple of days, move the events forwards or backwards a couple of hours, update the guest counts, and change the event dates. It has never been easier to change all the booking details at once! 

4. Prioritize Tasks
You can now prioritize your task from high to low, not just by date! Click the box on each task on the right hand side, and select the priority from high, medium, and low to allow you to see what is the most important to get done. The tasks will default to be set by due date order on both your dashboard and your tasks tab. If you prefer to group your tasks by priority, you can. On the dashboard on the tasks section, go to group by and choice high to low or low to high. On the task page, expand the filters and select your group by preference.

5. Mass Complete Tasks
Be able to mark all those completed tasks as done at once! Did you forget to check off a bunch of tasks you completed? Well if you go to your tasks tab or the dashboard, you can check complete all and then it will prompt you to confirm, and – BOOM – a bunch of tasks are now done!

6. Merge Field for Contact Type
If you need to add this merge field to an email or text section of a document, right click, contact custom fields, and select contact type.

7. Daily Digest Enhancement
This gives you to the ability to add custom fields and personalize the daily digest. Go to my profile, then the tab daily digests. You can now choose what you want to see included custom fields on events! Just check off the fields you need and your custom digests will arrive every day.

8. Ability to Add a New Event to the Same Booking Located Under Booking Functions on an Event
Go to your event, then actions, booking actions, add new event to this booking, and you can easily have a second event tied to the same booking.

9. Consecutive Invoice Number
This is the ability to have invoice numbers no longer random, but instead in order starting at one. To make this adjustment you need to be an admin user, then go to settings, documents, edit the form, and under the properties select use sequential IDs.

10.F&B Minimum to appear on the billing widget
You now have the option to add the remaining balance into the bill. To add this to your event, edit the document, scroll down to the billing widget, then add a field, and select Food and Beverage Min. Once this is expanded, click on the three dots, and uncheck excluded from totals and it will add the remaining amount into the bill.

11. Customize Payment Types
Need more payment options? Now you can adjust under settings, preferences.

12. Add RD$ Currency and Add the dollar symbol for Canada C$
To adjust the currency, you must be an admin user and go to settings, locations, and then edit.

Start planning your next event today!

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