Cocktails with Kate: Dry January + Mocktails


The idea of Dry January is a real thing that has taken over social media. My Instagram and Facebook feeds are full of proud — and some may call brave — souls who have declared their dedication to steering clear of alcohol for the entire month. So what better time to show you some delicious mocktail recipes that are super-easy to create for yourself? And if Dry January isn’t your thing, you can always add rum, or vodka, or whatever else makes you happy.

Joining me in this special edition of Cocktails with Kate is Tripleseat’s Customer Success and Education Manager, Lauren Wells. Lauren and I are both “enjoying” nine consecutive months of Dry January because of reasons outside of the usual, “I’ve been partying way too hard lately.” I have to admit, I LOVE it when restaurants offer a few mocktail options. Adding some creative mocktails to your bar program is an easy way to persuade dry customers into ordering something a tad more pricey than soda and those drinks don’t cost you nearly as much as you can charge for them. Win, win!

You can watch the replay of our Facebook Live below to get some ideas to update (or create) your mocktail menu.

Resources from this episode: