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  • Tickets for EventCamp 2021 Now Available

    Tripleseat, the leading web-based sales and event management platform for restaurants, hotels, and unique venues, announced today that tickets for EventCamp, their fourth-annual conference for restaurant and hotel sales and event professionals, are available now. As the only conference of its kind, EventCamp gathers sales and event professionals to discuss the thriving areas of private […]

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  • EventCamp Digital Series: What Event Planners Want From Your Venue

    The pandemic has changed a lot in the hospitality industry, especially events. The needs that event planners have are much different today than they were a year ago and two years ago. As we move further into 2021, the hospitality industry is transitioning from a period of restrictive safety mandates to looser requirements that will […]

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  • 4 Videos to Watch to Get Expert Marketing Tips for Your Venue

    When we surveyed event professionals in 2019, we asked them about the top tools they used for marketing, they told us that they used 12 tools to promote their venue. That’s a lot of platforms to manage and it’s easy to get overwhelmed trying to run them all. That’s why we always invite marketing experts […]

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  • Tickets for East and West Coast EventCamp Conferences Now Available

    Tripleseat, the leading web-based event sales and management platform, announced today that EventCamp, their fourth-annual conference for restaurant and hotel sales and event professionals, will for the first time feature an East Coast as well as West Coast conference. New for this year, the West Coast conference will be held at Area 15 in Las Vegas on April 14, with the East […]

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  • EventCamp 2019: Owners’ Expectations of Event Managers

    Event planners have a general idea of what it takes to succeed in their industry, but the venues they work for often have expectations in mind for what particular skillsets and traits are a perfect fit for their workplace. To help event professionals get some insight on what owners are looking for in the right […]

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  • EventCamp 2019 Beyond the Data: Achieving Sales + Profitability

    With 10 locations nationwide and 4,000 events per year, the Rosa Mexicano team has become extremely skilled at driving new bookings. During this year’s EventCamp, Amira Gertz, Director of Catering & Events at Rosa Mexicano, shared the practical tips that her team has developed to achieve sales and profitability that can be adapted for just […]

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  • EventCamp 2019: Key Reports for Success

    There are new rules that apply to hospitality sales, and they focus around working smarter, not harder. “The old way of thinking is that sales is a numbers game. You cast a wide net to anyone you can and you’re bound to find somebody who you can sell to. It’s all about luck and chance,” […]

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