Events Industry Handbook – Breweries Should Host Private Events: Why and How

people gathered at brewery private event

From the beer connoisseur to the simple beer sipper, people visit breweries, brewpubs, and taprooms for more than just the beer. Folks visit breweries for the overall experience. Yes, the beer needs to be good, but a brewery offers a laid-back, un-stuffy, relaxing, and enjoyable environment, all paired with quality, tasty beer.

Breweries make excellent event venues and should host private events for those same reasons. Planners are looking for a unique space. They want to host an event in a more casual setting that allows the guests to relax and enjoy themselves.

This handbook covers the following:

5 Reasons to Host Private Events at Your Brewery

  1. Building brand awareness
  2. Cultivating customer loyalty
  3. And more…

How to Market Your Brewery For Private Events

  1. Highlighting your brewery flexibility – space & packages
  2. How to advertise using unique offerings
  3. And more…

Download Breweries Should Host Private Events: Why and How

Handbook: Breweries Should Host Private Events: Why and How

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