Book More Events By Making It Easy




How many hoops do you make your prospects jump thru to book an event? After all the negotiations, site reviews and food tasting your prospect is now ready to book with you, but your procedures for booking may cause them to have second thoughts.

It is common for venues like restaurants and hotels to send a Contract with all the Terms and Conditions of the venue and requirements to the client. The real issue comes when the Contract has pages and pages of legal language that makes the client now have to send the Contract to legal for review. If the potential client is not prepared for such a Contract they might be turned off by what they perceive to be mistrusted from the venue. It is good practice to either trim the Contract T&C’s or try to take the “legalize” out of the Contract (ex. Remove words like “hereto” of “addendum”) If that is not a possibility (lawyers!) prepare your client for the Contract by reviewing it with them before you send it to them. Get them comfortable with the language and the actual terms that you want them to abide by.

When you do send the Contract don’t make it difficult for them to actually sign it. Having to print the .PDF, sign it, then scan it, then email it back is a HUGE pain in the rear. Asking for a fax will make you look outdated and besides, who has a fax machine anymore? The best and easiest scenario is to have your client sign the Contract using Tripleseat’s online e-signature. Once the Contract is signed using Tripleseat you will be alerted automatically that it was signed and you will have the signed document as part of the event Booking.

In summary, make it simple for your customers to do business with you and they will reward you by being a customer for life.

Happy Booking.