Beyond Basics: Success with Tripleseat


As event managers, you know it’s important to streamline the event process within your organization, and you are probably using a lot of tools in Tripleseat to do this already. But have you ever thought about how important it is to manage the experience that your clients are having throughout the event planning process? You have to make the process smooth to ensure your clients have a good experience at every point of contact with you, from their first inquiry through the execution of the event and beyond. We have tools for that, too!

Our recent webinar, Beyond Basics: Success with Tripleseat, shares tips for success within your event management organization and improving your guests’ experience using Tripleseat tools and features. You can view the webinar recording below:

Beyond Basics: Success with Tripleseat from Tripleseat on Vimeo.

Here’s a review of the information we covered in the webinar:

1. Utilize your lead form

The lead form is the first point of contact between you and your clients, and it should be clear to them how to make their inquiry, how you’ll let them know it was received, and how you will be following up. Make sure your lead form is embedded on your website. You can set this up by accessing code in your Tripleseat account, and following a few steps. Don’t forget to link to your Triplseat lead form in your email marketing, social media marketing, and other digital marketing efforts. When prospective clients fill out your form, the information will get sent directly to your email and Tripleseat dashboard.

2. Respond quickly

How efficient are you with your follow up for new leads? Make the process easier on yourself and them by creating an email template in your Tripleseat account for lead responses that includes any additional information you want them to see, such as links to your menus online or information and pictures of your event spaces.

3. Make contracts and payments painless

When your leads are ready to move forward, make it easy for them to pay and confirm! Use our electronic signatures for contract signing. It avoids the client having to print, sign, and send anything back to you. You’ll get notified right away when a contract is signed.

Make the payment process easier. These days your clients expect to pay quickly and securely, and they are used to paying for things online. Set up a credit card processing account to take payments directly through Tripleseat, using BluePay or Stripe. Asking your client to print, fill out and send back a form is a roadblock for them and can impact how smoothly the process goes for them.

4. Keep your staff informed

Internal communication is key to ensuring that everything runs smoothly for every event. Utilize notes within your BEOs and staff discussions to make sure all information is up-to-date and thoroughly transferred from one department to the next.

5. Stay in touch with your clients

Follow up with your clients after their event, but don’t stop there. Use automatic tasks to remind you to reach out in the future. Set reminders to send a thank you email the day after an event, or to reach out next year to rebook the business!

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Sign up for the rest of the Beyond Basics series by visiting Tripleseat’s events calendar page. If you missed any of our Beyond Basics webinars, you can find all of the recordings on the blog.