Beyond Basics: Online Payments


Your clients want to handle their events online with ease and security. When you offer them online payments, it helps to streamline the event booking process for them and your team.

During our recent Beyond Basics webinar, Account Manager Chris Pridemore and I discussed why event managers should consider using online payments and how to implement them in your Tripleseat account. You can view the webinar below:

Beyond Basics: Online Payments from Tripleseat on Vimeo.

Here’s a look at the questions we covered in the webinar:

Why use online payments?

Online payments are common and even expected in so much of what your customers are doing every day. Transactions like online shopping and booking online are a regular part of the purchasing process. Your customers are busy, and the booking process should be as easy for them as possible. If they have to stop, print, and fax, it could make them turn to another venue

It also creates a better guest experience. These days, everybody is wary of faxing, emailing and providing their credit card numbers because of privacy and security concerns. Offering to accept credit cards online in a safe and secure way will not only improve the guest experience but will make it easier to collect those deposits.

How will online payments help me?  

The ease and integration of online payments with your Tripleseat account will save you time. You’ll get paid quickly and not spend time chasing payments.

You’ll also have access to detailed transaction receipts and reports. Providing customers with this information helps you stay competitive.

Are there fees?

Tripleseat partners with BluePay and Stripe to give you options on processors. You can negotiate your rates directly with either company (rates are subject to change).

BluePay standard rates:

  • Tier 1 debit cards — 1.69% + $0.25/transaction
  • Tier 2 credit cards — 2.59% + $0.25/transaction
  • Tier 3 business cards (non-qualified) — 2.99% + $0.25/transaction

Stripe standard rates:

  • American Express — 3.5% (Stripe fee) + .3% (Tripleseat fee)
  • Non-American Express — 2.4% + $0.30 (Stripe fee) + .3% (Tripleseat fee)

How do I implement online payments in Tripleseat?

Once you have chosen a processor, an admin user can go to Settings and Select Credit Card processing to complete the setup. It’s designed so that you can walk through it from your Tripleseat site, but feel free to contact us if you have questions at

For more information on online payments, visit our FAQ site on events and billing.

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