Announcing our $500k funding from Dundee VC


We’re very excited to announce today that we’ve secured a $500k funding round from Omaha-based venture capital firm Dundee Venture Capital. This marks a significant milestone in the the Tripleseat story, and to say that we’re very excited about it would be putting things mildly. We’ve come a long way in a short amount of time, and we’re just at the very beginning of our journey. Today’s funding allows us to continue to build out our team, add more great features to the software, and continue to line up more great customers.

Thanks to all that have been supportive of Tripleseat over the past few years, and thanks to our great lineup of customers. We truly couldn’t have done it without each and everyone of you.

Tripleseat raises $500,000 for web-based private dining management software

Tripleseat Software, LLC announced today that it has raised $500,000 from Omaha-based Dundee Venture Capital. Tripleseat, based out of Boston, MA provides event management and lead generation web applications for restaurants, hotels and unique venues, and will use the capital to grow its sales and marketing efforts.

The Tripleseat software-as-a-service application enables sales managers, owners and event planners to seamlessly capture leads via telephone, existing websites, or from Tripleseat’s consumer site, and streamline the booking and planning process.

Private parties, such as corporate and social events are very profitable and can make up more than 30 percent of a restaurant’s overall revenue. Today the current process of booking and managing the private party business is manual relying on fragmented tools like, e-mail, wall calendars, and pen and paper, which results in lost business, poor communication and low productivity. “ said Jonathan Morse, CEO of Tripleseat. After being in the restaurant and hotel industry for over 20 years, Jonathan experienced how difficult and time consuming it was to book and plan events. The goal was to develop a web application that was designed specifically for how restaurants, hotels and unique venues operate. The restaurant business is hard and every penny counts; therefore, Tripleseat is affordable with a simple subscription plan and there are no additional charges or fees associated with captured leads or bookings. Tripleseat customers are enjoying an immediate return on investment.

Dundee Venture Capital is a new venture firm based in Omaha, NE which invests in growth companies with an ecommerce and web services focus. “We were very impressed with Tripleseat and their success with market penetration and product development.” Said Mark Hasebroock, Founder of Dundee Venture Capital. “With customers across the U.S. and over $140 Million in managed bookings and thousands of leads captured every month, they are obviously making a significant impact on how the event business is being managed.”

Headquartered in Boston, Tripleseat also has an office located in Omaha, NE.

About Tripleseat, LLC
Tripleseat is web-based event management and lead generation software for the hospitality industry. Tripleseat provides a suite of web-based tools for restaurants, hotels, catering companies and other unique venues to help them more effectively manage their private event venues, capture leads, and generate new business.

About Dundee Venture Capital
Founded in 2010 by Mark Hasebroock, Dundee Venture Capital is an investment firm located in the heart of the Silicon Prairie, Omaha, Nebraska.