Adapting Your Business to Change with Tripleseat


This is a difficult time for the hospitality industry. The coronavirus pandemic has caused government agencies to limit opportunities for people to come into contact with large groups in order to reduce exposure and spread the virus, which means event cancellations as well as closures or limited hours for businesses, including restaurants, hotels, and unique venues.

At Tripleseat, we want to do whatever we can to help the hospitality industry, so we’re offering a webinar, Adapting Your Business to Change with Tripleseat, on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 1 pm EST. This webinar shares industry tips and some Tripleseat tutorials to help you during this difficult time to stay ahead of the game. You can register for the webinar on our events calendar page.

Topics covered include:

  • How to drive business when local and world events impact your venue
  • How to keep your customers happy
  • Using Tripleseat to stay on top of your events business
    • What to do with canceled events on your calendar
    • Reports that will help you stay organized
    • Managing take-out and delivery orders
    • Working remotely
    • Preparing for a busy fall and winter in 2020
    • Reporting on upcoming events to proactively reach out
    • Changing events to Lost status with a custom reason for calendar management and reporting
    • Reporting on postponed/canceled events
    • Editing Lead Forms, Auto-Response Emails, or email templates

You can register to attend the live webinar or watch a recorded version below:

Additional resources

To read more about how the Coronavirus is impacting the hospitality industry, read our blog posts. For more tips on how to boost your events business, check out our Events Industry Handbooks.