A New Type of Hotel Experience in Nashville: Flexible Living with Plenty of Amenities


When BentoLiving first opened its doors in 2020, the extended-stay hotel concept wasn’t a thought. But when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, they had to quickly adjust their strategy and pivot to what the world around them needed, and they’ve been doing it successfully since.

Couched between Nashville’s distillery and brewery haven, known as Wedgewood-Houston, and the upscale shopping of The Gulch, you’ll find the historic Chestnut Hill neighborhood BentoLiving calls home. And this apartment-style hotel really does feel like home — each of the 89 rooms has a fully-equipped kitchen, a stylishly furnished living room, and washer/dryer — but with the bonus of Peloton bikes and 24-hour bodega, concierge, and valet services.

BentoLiving offers a five-bed suite, which is perfect for larger groups, but if you’re solo, they also have studios. A rooftop bar hosts live music performances on the weekends along with one of the best views of Downtown Nashville, making this home away from home the perfect escape.

We sat down with Denise Tinney, BentoLiving’s Director of Sales & Marketing, to learn more about their property, what makes them a unique experience, and how they got to where they are today.

1. Tell us a little about BentoLiving and the concept you’ve created and how it’s unique compared to similar concepts.

Our Bento culture is continuously evolving and building. “Simplicity, Flexibility and Convenience” is our vision. We use design to promote convenience throughout our property. We want to make things purposeful, intuitive, and joyful (modernist design doesn’t have to be all business). Our kitchens are an excellent example of Bento design. By designing a space for each kitchen item, we created an easy-to-use, simple and small straight-run design; the smaller the kitchen, the less there is to clean.

We also emphasize minimizing clutter and maximizing fun. Our panelized appliances and solid surface countertops reduce visual and physical clutter, reinforcing a sense of calm cleanliness in the room. Playful colors and natural materials position the kitchen as a center for gathering.

BentoLiving Chestnut Hill was created to provide that familiar touchpoint for our guests on the road who are experiencing a life full of change and movement. We make our guests instantly comfortable without getting in the way, providing them with a familiar product and service and making it easy to plug into life in Nashville whether they are here for a night or a year.

Our location in Chestnut Hill neighbors the buzzing, up-and-coming Wedgewood-Houston area, an ideal alternative to the overplayed and overcrowded Broadway and Gulch districts. A quick sprint across the tracks brings you to a creative hub dotted with former factories that now serve as art spaces and makers’ studios. The hip, walkable, and inclusive neighborhood is also a beverage destination, featuring award-winning cocktail bars, local craft distilleries, and café-lined streets. Crowds fill the area every month during Art Crawl, which showcases new art and artists across multiple galleries and stores.

Golden Hour is particularly stunning in Chestnut Hill, one of Nashville’s most rapidly redeveloping neighborhoods. Chestnut Hill retains distinctive buildings dating back to the 19th century, as well as modest working-class homes from the early 20th century. Fort Negley, a restored remnant of the Civil War, is surrounded by trees and paths, while the flea market in nearby Nashville Fairgrounds is packed with antiques and treasured bric-a-brac.

You can live like a Nashville local for a night or a few weeks in a BentoLiving apartment-style room with a full kitchen, washer/dryer, and other amenities of home, including pets, who are always welcome. Complimentary onsite fitness classes, yoga, live music, and a rooftop patio provide daily activities for body and soul.

Our flex-stay residences are designed to simplify life. BentoLiving Chestnut Hill offers 89 fully furnished units with functional design and generous amenities, able to host a variety of stay durations. Our innovative property is expertly outfitted using the BentoBuild system.

BentoBuild takes a modular approach to delivering custom architectural casework. This system allows uncluttered, clean, and curated spaces to store essential items. Kitchen, entertainment, wardrobe, and entry modules feature high-quality Baltic birch case construction, European hardware, integrated countertops and backsplashes, and accessories and finishes for truly modern living.

2. When did the BentoLiving team decide to adjust your concept?

We opened in January 2020, and when the pandemic hit in March 2020, we quickly determined we needed to adjust our strategy, which we did quickly and found a lot of success with the new direction.

3. Has BentoLiving created any unique offerings to help with group business during the pandemic?

We have a couple of packages to make it easier for the planners: a half-day and a full day. We are a small property with unique spaces, so the traditional banquet/catering menu is not what we do. We offer customized creations with our chef to create the perfect experience.

4. Why did BentoLiving start to use Tripleseat to manage group business?

We did not have a previous sales system in place. When we changed our PMS system to StayNTouch, they highly recommended Tripleseat due to the connectivity abilities. I used competitive software at a previous property and was looking forward to integrating with Tripleseat to simplify our booking process.

5. How has Tripleseat helped you manage your bookings?

I guess the better question is, “How has it not?” I now have a system to generate leads, organize all documents and communication, track all activity from lead generation to a closed booking, reports that allow my owner to know what I do all day, a concise database of accounts and contacts, generate BEOs for my chef and kitchen team, plus so much more!

6. What is your favorite Tripleseat feature, and why?

My favorite feature is the user-friendly design and ease of use, including the connectivity between my PMS and sales and the ability to do more!

7. What makes group business at BentoLiving special and unique?

Everything about BentoLiving appeals to group business: our location, our hotel, our vibe, and our style!

8. How is the client’s experience at BentoLiving in comparison to other hotels?

Clients of BentoLiving have a simple, flexible, and convenient experience. BentoLiving provides convenient and high-quality accommodations for flexible lifestyles. We have an amazing restaurant and bar, The Hart as well as The Chestnut Rooftop Bar with a variety of entertainment and the best views of downtown.

9. Is there anything special that BentoLiving is looking to do in 2022 and beyond that our readers can look forward to?

We hope to have more BentoLiving properties in the future, so stay tuned!

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